7 Best Hacks for iPhone

iPhones need no introduction, they speak for themselves. Ever since the first iPhone was launched in 2007, new models are being rolled out that are getting better and more innovative day by day. But, did you know about the hacks that can change the way you use your iPhone? In this article, I’ll talk about 7 such hacks and tricks lurking within Apple’s latest OS for their iPhones.

1. Search for your favorite websites faster than ever


We all have come to a point where internet is the very source of existence for most of us. It is as essential as it is to breathe or have food. One can’t survive without it for long.

What if I told that you can make your website searches faster and more precise with this one single trick? What if you could type long web addresses without the need of typing their extension? Well, that’s possible. All you need to do is hold the full stop icon after typing the web address which will bring a shortcut series of all major URL extensions be it a .com or even a .edu.

It doesn’t save a lot of your time but does make a difference. Afterall, time is money and every second is saved is every second earned!

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2. Help Siri spell the names correctly

We often come across a situation when our dear Siri would always mispronounce the names of our near and dear ones. Hearing the wrong pronunciation can be irritating at times. But, you can follow this quick fix to help Siri spell the name correctly. All you need to do is tell Siri, “That’s not how you pronounce (name)”. It will then ask you to speak out correctly so that she can make modifications and commit it to her memory forever.

3. Charge your phone faster

Well, this hack is for every other smartphone and not specifically an iPhone. There are times when we get tired of waiting for the phone to charge up. You hardly have enough juice in your battery to get through the day. If your smartphone doesn’t support smart charging, charging it might seem to be a tedious and time taking process.

Not anymore! You can speed up your charging speed significantly. All you need to do is turn on the Flight mode. This will knock all the networks off your phone, including Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, etc. This ensures that the juice doesn’t get drained simultaneously while you charge your device.

4. Check where have you been

iPhone is always on the hunt for data to improve its user experience. You won’t notice but all your data is being transferred to Apple in the background. From what apps you frequently use to how much data you consume, Apple has an eye on the slightest of your activity. It even knows where you are. Head over to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations to see where have you been and for how long.

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5. Lock your camera’s focal point

It is really annoying when you tap on the screen to focus on something and it just disappears right after it. Instead, you can use the ability of your iPhone to lock the autofocus at a certain point. Rather than a single tap, simply double tap wherever you want the focus to be locked until the ‘AF Locked’ box pops up. Now, you can move around the way you want without losing focus.

6. Take a photo without touching your phone

If you have ever felt the need of auto shutter control to capture the perfect snap, you can do so by pairing your iPhone with a pair of earphones. Hitting their volume button will have the same effect.

7. Reboot your phone if it crashes

It won’t normally happen, but if it does, you should realize that the home button of the iPhone 7 is a digital sensor and not really a physical button. Turning the phone off, in that case, is a really difficult task. However, holding the volume down and the power button together for a while can help you reboot your iPhone and bring it back to life.