7 Exercises for tighten your butt and legs in short time

Do you also wish for that attractive and hot butt and perfectly shaped legs and imagine yourself in a perfect figure? But are you running short of time to fulfil this dream of yours? Then don’t worry because you are just a step ahead in achieving this target. You just need to follow these 7 exercises and that too for just a week! You’ll automatically observe the results and will start loving your shape.

1) Stretching your legs
Start with this basic warm-up workout. All you need to lie down at a 90-degree position i.e. lie down and just raise your legs straight upwards by taking the support of the wall. Stretch your legs as much as you can.

2) Single-leg raise
Then after the basic warm-up exercise start with this one. For performing this one, lie down straight maintain an angle of 180 degree. Rest your hands on both side. Now as you’re lying straight slowly raise your one leg in the upward direction and point your toes and stretch it out. After 2-3 minutes rest it down and then similarly raise the second leg. Repeat this exercise for at least 10-20 times each day. Make sure while doing this exercise your hips are touching the floor.


3) Raising your lower portion
If you’re a long time squatter so you must try out this hip bridge exercise. It really helps a lot. To get started, keep the same starting position as the previous exercise and then place both your feet touching the floor forming an angle of 90 degrees. After that raise yourself in an upward direction from your hip portion just as represented in the picture. And then slowly release yourself.

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4) Try some yoga approach
This is one of the best methods for tightening your butts and shaping your legs. To get started, turn upside down and try to move yourself as a baby crawls using both of your hands and legs. Then remain in the same position and raise one of your legs straight backwards. Release it into normal position and repeat this with another leg.

5) Sitting without any support
This might look very easy to perform but let me warn you that it is one of the trickiest exercise to perform. All you need is to stand straight and then widen your legs and try to sit down as you normally do but this time try to sit without any chair or other support. Place your arms on your waist.

6) Squats
This is one of the most essential and common exercise which is usually performed by each and every one of us who workouts. To get started, stand straight and then place your hands on your waist. Move your right leg one step ahead and try to bend it in forward direction and simultaneously stretch your left leg in backward direction. Repeat this exercise by switching your legs. Repeat it for at least 10-20 times a day.

7) Jump
Last but not the least “the jump squats”. Make your legs hip-width apart. Now, dip your knees, then push the balls of your feet into the floor with force so that you end up jumping right off your mat, with your toes pointed. Once you are back in normal position, repeat this step immediately and jump continuously in the same manner. For beginners, we recommend repeat 1-2 sets of 10 repeats.

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