7 Things That Your Man Does Which Prove That He Only Loves You

When a guy stops talking about his love and feelings towards his girlfriend, she is worried if he still loves her. But there are times when he may not ‘show’ the love towards you, but he still loves you. So, how can you tell if the guy likes you or not? There are specific clues which can prove that your guy loves you unconditionally, even if he seems non-responsive. We have presented seven things in this article. If you man does these things, he certainly loves you. Find out what these are.


1. He wants to take it slow.

If your man is taking it slow, it doesn’t mean he is not interested in you. It says that he doesn’t want to mess things up in the relationship. He wants you to be comfortable enough to pace through the relationship. It shows his caring attitude towards your feelings.


2. He cultivates a friendship first.

If your man is trying to be friends with you, in the beginning, it means that he doesn’t want to jump into anything permanent in haste. He want’s to have a long-term relationship and slowly develop love and understanding in the relationship. What strengthens a long lasting love is not passion, but, the little things like sharing ideas and talking about the common interests.

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3. He follows through.

He doesn’t make empty promises. You are at his top priority, and your importance is undeterred. He is always punctual and never makes you feel lonely.

4. He doesn’t mind any inconveniences.

Your fairy-world imagination wants a man waiting out in the rain to meet you for a date, surprise you by doing the most extraordinary and romantic acts and fight with the whole world for you. But, in the real world, such things transform into the simplest things. Shopping for hours with you, taking you out to fancy places or just listening to you for hours when you have some issues is what a real-world prince charming does.

5. He acts awkward around you.

When a man falls in love with you, he fumbles, stutters or bumps into stuff. You may even notice that he is trying very hard to make you laugh, but his jokes often make no sense. This is because you are his weakness and he is unable to think straight. He will do the most stupid things to impress you.

6. He mirrors your movements.

When you see your man mirroring you in every action you do, it shows that he wants to give you a sense of oneness. He does it on purpose; he is trying to show you that for you he can change and morph into a person that can do anything to be with you.

7. He acts in a stereotypical way around you.

When a man falls in love, he behaves in the most stereotypical ways. He may tease you, be shy, or show extreme devotion towards you. When a man acts weird around you, it proves that you have already made a place in his heart.

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