7 Things You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence

Sundar Pichai, CEO- Google, recently spoke at an event hosted by MSNBC that AI is one of the greatest things on which humanity has been working on. It is something which can turn human thoughts and decision making into a mechanical process, Its utility and important is immense, the future of it can change the way we live our lives, in one way or the other. In this article, I’ll talk about 7 things about artificial intelligence you should be knowing.

1. AI is all about data

Just like a human, a machine, too, learn from experiences. For that, it has to be fed with a lot of data. When I say a lot of data, I mean LOTS OF DATA. All this data is compiled with some algorithms to make Artificial Intelligence work. This helps a machine analyze a problem and come up with some solution for it. If you don’t have ample amount of data, you should stick to simpler models only.

2. AI algorithms are simple.

AI is not as hard as it sounds. A basic AI program’s algorithm is just a few hundred lines of code. This is why AI progress has been so rapid in past a few years. You need not be a computer scientist to bring artificial intelligence into life. The challenge is not writing algorithms but applying AI to real-world situations and problems.

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3. A machine thinks at a superhuman speed

It is a fact that electronic signals are a million times faster than the chemical signals in our brains. This is why AI can swallow a whole lot of data and learn it all quick. This makes AI an efficient solution in situations where microseconds matter.

4. AI can see

A recent breakthrough in the AI tech has been with the machine’s ability to interact with humans and see the world the way we do. Although such skills are still imperfect, they are already in use at a number of places.

5. You use AI on a daily basis

Siri, Cortana, and Google Now that you use are all wonders of machine learning. Not just this, even vacuum cleaners, cars, video games, special effects in a movie, e-commerce, international financial markets- AI is involved everywhere, literally everywhere!

6. Robots can socialize

Some robots are specially designed to socialize. Kismet is one such robot from MIT’s AI Lab, that can understand human body language and even its tone of voice and respond to it according to the input. It was developed in the 1990s. Not just this, the robots of the CoCoRo Project know how to network and can transmit information to each other and work together.

7. Your job is at risk

You may or may not know, but almost everything that we do can be automated using the AI technology. Some have already been automated but are not in use widely. But, in a matter of 30 years, one can expect robots to flourish and do everything that a man could.

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