7 Ways to ruin your married life

Making out on the bed or just being physical all the time is not only the routine for a married couple. They have most of the time apart from that. But in reality, it is difficult to utilize all those moments to spice up your married life. Here are the seven worst things which can easily ruin your happy married life-

1) Drinking alone
There is no offence in drinking alone and enjoying your own company but if you try this out on a regular basis especially after getting married then this might create a problem for your married life.

2) Discussing another day plans
One should always plan for the future but also keep in mind that they should enjoy their present moment by expressing their love and compassion towards their loved ones.


3) Concentrating on the kids all through the day
You and your partner should take some time out from your kids and enjoy those few moments together to rejoice your memories and always maintain a healthy and spicy relation.

4) Busy on your cell phone even during the bedtime
Most of us have a bad habit of using their cell phones while they are on the bed. If they avoid using their gadgets and occupy this time for interacting with their partner then this might be helpful.

5) Expecting love
It is not appropriate to have love all the time whenever you two are in the bedroom or lying on the bed. You need to respect each other’s potential and mood and not just hurry up things. This might ruin everything.

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6) Using separate beds
This is one of the worst ideas which you can apply in your married life. It starts creating differences and that attachment or connection between you two is somewhere lost. This can also cause the distance between you two and can feel like lonely.

7) Sleeping at different times
Some couples have this weird habit maybe because of the situation that they have to face that both of them sleep at different hours. Maybe due to work or some other reason but this issue can cause a lot of problems. This can increase the distance between you two rather things will properly workout.