8 Coolest Creations of 3D Printer

If a 2D print is possible, then why not 3D? This very idea popped up in Chuck Hull’s mind, who invented the first ever 3D printer in 1983. He managed to print an eyewash cup out of it which was quite boring but still something that everyone thought was impossible.

The 3D print technology has progressed a lot in past few decades. 3D printers are now much cheaper and efficient. Literally, you can print anything! All you need is a working template. In this article, I’ve listed some of the coolest things ever printed using the 3D print technology.

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1. Guitar



A group of students motivated to bring the cost of musical instruments down successfully managed to use the 3d printing technology to print a guitar. Guess what? It does work! The same guitar was used by a British indie rock group onstage. The same can be seen in the video as well. It looks good but sounds even better.


2. Firearms

The technology has been used to print firearms in past. But, they would break easily after a few rounds of firing.

That’s not the case anymore! Non-profit corporations have come up with downloadable templates to create a working gun at your home. All you need is a 3D printer!

3. Electric Light Shoe

Measuring 1 meter long, there are not a pair of shoes you would normally wear but the ones to keep at your home as a modern sculpture. First featured in the Onitsuka Tiger Commercial, it is up for sale online at a cost of 5880 Euros. The complex detailing combined with abstract lighting looks so attractive that you just can’t take your eyes off it!

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4. Pentagonal Hexecontahedron Bracelet

As complex as it sounds, the template of this piece of art has been download from the Thingiverse website over 1100 times. Not only this, a lot other design options are available online when it comes to 3D-printed jewelry.


5. Customizable Bugdroids

Android figurines are being online since long. But, with the same old classic Android design. What if you could customize it as per your personality? Well, that’s possible! These mini 3D printed bugdroids available at a price point of $29.99 come in a number of themes to best describe your personality. If you are not an Apple guy but an Android enthusiast to the core, you would surely love this one.


6. Bikini – N21

When I said the possibilities of 3D printing are endless, I meant it. Who ever thought that even bikinis could be 3D printed and that they would be as comfortable as the normal ones? In fact, these are made out of Nylon 12, which is not only a strong and flexible material but waterproof as well. A truly magical concept indeed!


7. 3D Figurines From Children’s Drawings

Children love drawing, don’t they? But what if you could turn their drawings into something for real? Well, now you can combine your kid’s artistic talent with the futuristic 3D print technology, at a price point of 99 Euros only 😉


8. High Heels

Designed by Pauline Van Dongen, these pair of high heels are made from laser sintered nylon using the 3D printing technology. It is quite evident now that the future of 3D printed accessories is going to be amazing and a lot more fun!

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