8 Crystal Clear Signs That Prove Your Relationship Is 100% Pure

The relationship is beautiful in starting and after a long time relationship is a part of your life as usual as breathing. I mean you are so comfortable with it after a long time. Understanding is a strong pillar of your relationship. Love, care, respect, for each other never seem to fade off in your relationship. You both feel the same about everything and don’t want to fight on everything. But do you ever think that is your relationship is going down the right path or is these things are right for your relationship? I mean if you both are too comfortable about each other doing and don’t take interest in each other doing . Did this is going in the right way, did this show that how much your relationship is pure. Okay, for example, If you are going with your friends and you Girlfriend is not interested in even where are you doing that makes you feel little sad cause you want some attention from her and little bit insecure about your things cause little insecurity shows the love between you and your better half.

So, if you are worried about your relationship so please don’t you worry cause we have some point to make you realize that if these things are happening in your relationship that means s there are no problems. So take a look at these 8 signs which make you realize that your relationship is 100% Pure.

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1. You don’t shy away in your moments of weakness.

When you are happy in your life it is easy to be happy with everyone but what if you are going through from the bad phase? If you are going through the bad phase than the only person who will give you the shoulder is your partner. This shows that how much you care about each other feelings.


2. You’re not afraid to disagree with him/her

We all know that the pillar of a relationship is Understanding each other. And when you both are in the top of that pillar you never afraid to disagree on each other wrongdoing, cause you know that this will never make the distance in your relationship.


3. You have immense respect for each other.

You both don’t want to change each other. You accept each other as you both are as a real person cause you love that person for what he is or what she is. Respect for each other take the things to the another level.


4. Long silences don’t seem awkward anymore.

There were days when you both don’t want to silent and want to keep listening to each other and if you got silence in your conversation you both got awkward but this thing will never bother you anymore if you cross the understanding level once. Long silence is been comfortable for you now cause you both know that you both have to give some time to each other to refresh the thought of each other.

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5. You realize you have become a better person.

After being in a relationship for a long time you both realize that you just make each other the better person. Spending time with each other not only give you the enjoyment of love but also give you both the opportunity to exchange each other thought about each other and how they resolve them.


6. You feel connected without actually communicating.

You both feel connected when you both are no even actually communicating cause you know what is going on his/her mind and sometimes you even think the same as he/she was thinking. It might not be a big deal for you after you learn how to communicate with each other with eyes.


7. Your moments of silliness keep your mature love young.

No matter how much you both pretend to be mature in your relationship to show others. You always keep that silliness in your relationship to balance it. Showing childish nature to each other increase the count of reason to love each other.


8. You live different lives, yet carry a part of each other in your hearts.

You both know the difference between each other’s lives and how you both relate them in your life. You both know that you can mentally with each other for 24×7  but you cant spend 24×7  with each other physically. But you both know that this differences will never bother your mindset for each other. He/ She will never give up on you by this silly reason.

So, I think you got all the point where you can find that crystal clear love for you. Don’t forget to leave a share for your loved one.

Happy Love To You Both.

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