8 Things Guy Looks For In His Fiancée

A man looks for many qualities right before he gets on one knee.Have a look at some the things which man desire in his partner.

1. Simplicity 


Simplicity can win any man’s heart.  Hypocrisy and drama make a man think twice before proposing.

2. Empathy

Empathy reflects that you care about your man. He would feel loved and will be assured that he can count on you in his hard times.

3. Self Confidence

Men are always attracted towards a confident and strong girl.

4. Kindness

No one likes a person who thinks bad for others. Kindness plays a vital role for men when they propose.

5. Sense of humor

He will enjoy your company if you have a good sense of humor.

6. Intelligence

Intelligence can definitely turn on any man on this planet.Thus, it is an essential quality which man seeks for in a serious relationship.

7. Beautiful heart

Man cannot say no to a girl with beautiful heart

8. Directness

If you are straightforward, then your man will definitely admire you. Avoid beating around the bush and convey your thoughts directly.


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