9 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

Healthy reasons to drink coffee-Currently, there has been a lot of debate about the side effects of coffee. But, if taken in moderation, coffee can have a lot of beneficial effects on your health. Scientists have tested the effects of coffee on our health. Here is what they have found out:


A lot of people believe that coffee leads to the development of cancerous diseases. And, various studies in the past focused on the harmful effects of drinking coffee. Contrary to the previous studies, the research conducted by the Department of Epidemiology of Mario Negri Institute and the Department of Clinical studies for Health at the University of Milan has proven that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of developing breast and prostate cancers.

2. It improves the cardiovascular system.

Another rumor about coffee is that it can be bad for your cardiovascular system. However, studies conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham’s Women’s Hospital and The National University of Singapore showed that people who consume 3-5 to cups of coffee a day are three times less susceptible to suffer from a heart condition than those who do not drink coffee.

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The study also points to the fact that heavy coffee drinking had no role in CVD risk.

3. It revives your skin.

9 Healthy reasons to drink coffee

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants which help in rejuvenating the cells in your skin. Scientists from Ewha Women’s University, Seoul have proven that coffee extract can fix wrinkles and prevent the loss of moisture from your skin. You will often notice that people who regularly drink coffee look lively and younger.

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4. It keeps your liver healthy.

9 Healthy reasons to drink coffee

Liver cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver develops scars and ultimately fails. The scientists from The Mario Negri Institute in Italy found out that drinking coffee can halve the risks of developing liver cirrhosis.


5. Effective against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

9 Healthy reasons to drink coffee

Coffee can be used as a preventative solution to Parkinson’s disease. Researchers from The Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil showed that the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease reduces by 20% with regular coffee consumption.

Another study conducted by the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre, Tampa Florida, showed that coffee consumption is associated with lower risks of Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of developing the disease by 65%.


6. It lowers your risk of developing type II diabetes.

Drinking coffee is very effective against type II diabetes. Coffee contains an active ingredient called cafestol, which has been proven to improve the insulin secretion in the pancreas. The study was conducted by the University and Hospital of Aarhus and Odense University Hospital.


7. Effective against joint problems and gallstones.

9 Healthy reasons to drink coffee

If a person has a weak metabolic state, it results in the accumulation of harmful substances in the tissues especially joints. Coffee can improve your metabolism and, a joint study by Harvard Medical School and Brigham’s Women’s Hospital proved that coffee could prevent gout.

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Caffeine is an effective substance to prevent the development of gallstones. The risk of developing gallstones could be reduced by 4% with consumption of five cups of coffee a day and as much as 45% if you drink five cups of coffee a day.


8. It increases muscle strength among the elderly.

When we grow old, we lose a lot of muscle tone. Old people are very susceptible to get injured if they fall. Scientists from Coventry University found out that caffeine can increase muscle strength among the elderly.


9. Longevity.

9 Healthy reasons to drink coffee

Various researchers in this article have emphasized the benefits of drinking coffee. The study was conducted in many countries, and, the result proved that people who drank coffee regularly lived a longer life than those who did not.