9 Hidden Secrets of a Cinema Hall

Hidden secrets of a movie theatre. Many of us are movie lovers and prefer to watch the latest movie in a cinema hall with either our friends or family. Whenever a new movie of our favorite genre is about to release we book tickets either in advance of the release date or on the release date. Booking seats of our choice, selecting a movie hall based on our convenience is usually what we do. But there is one special thing about which we are unaware of. Almost all the popular cinema halls have few things very common which usually attracts the crowd towards them. Some of the hidden secrets are mentioned below-

1) The Seating Patterns
The seats are arranged in such a pattern in a step manner that those seats which are in front are at the lowest heights and near the huge screen due to which they are of lesser price whereas the last or the back seats are at an uppermost level from where the screen is perfectly visible without any issues costing much higher. And the middle seats, somewhere lie between the front and back seats and are of an average price.

2) The Cleaning system
There is a short duration between the two shows during which the hall is occupied by the housekeeping department for cleaning purposes. But according to the size of the hall, the duration for cleaning is quite less due to which there is a probability of some corners or seats which may remain unclean.


3) One should clean their seats before leaving
This is true. One must help and lower the burden of the housekeeping department by at least cleaning their seats before leaving and by using the dustbin for throwing garbage.

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9 Hidden secrets of a movie theatre
4) Prevent from loud sound
The intensity of the sound is very high in a movie hall so if you have any problem due to loud sound then one must avoid to visiting at cinema halls.

9 Hidden secrets of a movie theatre
5) Price of Popcorns
The prices of popcorns are too high to afford due to several kinds of taxes applied and the quantity is relatively less.

9 Hidden secrets of a movie theatre
6) Those unique cup holders
Those unique cup holders on the handle of the seat are meant to place the glass of cold drinks or coffee or your small popcorn basket.

9 Hidden secrets of a movie theatre
7) An eye on couples
There are several hidden cameras in the hall that are not visible at one sight. These cameras are meant to keep an eye on the people especially couples sitting on the corner seats and are making out during the movie.

9 Hidden secrets of a movie theatre
8) Attractive Combos
Those attractive combos we see on the menu which promise to save our money are basically the easiest trick to fool the public. The sum of individual items and those items together in the combo are almost equal. There is no vast difference between both which could save our money with a huge difference.

9 Hidden secrets of a movie theatre
9) Yummy Popcorns
Two types of popcorns i.e. salted and cheesy ones are available in almost every cinema hall in different sizes of packets/baskets. Their quantity is comparatively less as compared to their higher prices.

9 Hidden secrets of a movie theatre