9 Sweet and Simple Room Décor Ideas

Is your bedroom looks dull and usual? Wish to transform into your wonderland but drops the plan imagining the thought of permanently maintaining it? Then don’t worry here we brought some magical ideas which can solve all your problems. Those scattered clothes on a chair and your messy table, and the unmanaged bed will not be a problem anymore if you will try these methods. They are time-saving and will give you a fairytale look. This perfect collection can lighten up your mood and can change your look completely. Just have a glimpse of them-

1) Place an old ladder in the corner of your room and light it up with fancy lights or bulb


2) Make a long string of bulb and hang them in your room

3) Take a full-length mirror and decorate its boundary with fairy lights

4) Try writing some word or your name with fairy lights on a wall

5) Use fairy lights as a string and attach pictures on it with the help of clips and cover the entire wall

6) Buy a cage and lit it up with fairy lights

7) Use a single fairy light and decorate it at the backside wall of your bed

8) Make beautiful lamps by filling the glass jars with fairy lights

9) Draw some beautiful pattern and also write your favorite quote along with it

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