9 ways in which your Pinky Finger influences your Personality and Relationships

Over the past many years Palmistry have been the best way in predicting the future. But now a days, a new methodology has been adapted to explore more about an individual’s personality and their love life. This can be obtained simply by observing their pinky finger or the smallest finger of the hand. Just have a look-

1) The Greek’s Pinky
According to Greek Mythology, this finger is linked with Greek god Hermes who exhibited himself as a cunning trickster. He possessed flawless communication skills and he is a legend of wisdom such as Thoth, Loki, or Mercury. Just as pinky finger is the shortest finger on our hand, Hermes was the god with the shortest stature.

2) Connection between Pinky finger and Science
Scientists have explored that the pinky finger provides up to 50% of overall hand strength. So if you lose this finger then you will be directly deprived of 50% of your strength.

3) Neuroscience and Pinky Finger
Scientists have shown a connection between a curved pinky and autism. A major study over 600 subjects has revealed that the curved pinky is a small physical manifestation that could potentially relate to autism. Another trait for an autistic men is a pinky finger comprising double looped fingerprints. People possessing autism comprises a shorter pinky finger.

4) Relationship between Pinky Finger and Medical Science
If this finger is curved or bent then it indicates more than 60 health-related syndromes. They might include, Down syndrome, foetal alcohol syndrome etc.

5) The Pinky Promise
This was not just a childhood stuff which we used to represent our honesty. It was originated way back in 1600s in Japan. Locking each other’s pinky fingers indicated that if any one of the following partner is failed to fulfil their promise, their pinky finger will be cut down as a punishment.

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6) The Pinky Finger and Love
It is said that a lady with a flexible pinky finger is a way in which she can point out on her desired suitor. She will flex her finger towards the men she loved.

7) Shorter Pinky Finger
In this kind, the pinky finger is shorter than the topmost line of ring finger. Such people are introvert, reserved and shy which restrict their interactions with the strangers. They possess lower self-confidence due to which they fail to express themselves. These people are also kind and caring.

8) Levelled Pinky Finger
In this case, the pinky finger is in the level of the topmost line of ring finger. These people possess a well-balanced life. This also means that such people are kind and helpful but do not let others to take advantage of their helping attitude.

9) Larger Pinky Finger
If your pinky finger crosses the topmost line of ring finger then they possess a large size pinky finger. Such people can perfectly control their emotions. These people are creative and are goal-oriented which makes them dedicated towards their work. Due to this attitude some people might consider them rude.