Level Of Photoshop Used in the Posters Of Oscar Nominated Movies, Leaves Us Amazed

A guy photoshopped himself into Oscar nominated movie posters -Oscar is the Biggest Award given in The Cinematic world. It has been the best award of all time. Oscar awards all movies on the specific category of their valuation and in all those distinct categories they place distinct movies with distinct features in it. It has no doubt the largest battlefield of the best movies. In that competition, there is also the role of posters of those movies nominated for this largest battle. In that race of coming up with the best poster for the movie, the photoshop level crosses every boundary of it.

Here we have Fifteen such photoshop posters of Oscar Nominated movies. So sit back and Scroll down slowly, as it is the matter of Oscars:



Shape Of Water:


A guy photoshopped himself into Oscar nominated movie posters

This was indeed one of the best books whose feature film was made by Guillermo who took the book to reality. Although the movie faced various criticism due to the scenes into it, still it was the best for those who had the idea of the story and so much willing to watch this in the movie. Truly the poster designer did his best in designing this poster.

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The Billboards:

A guy photoshopped himself into Oscar nominated movie posters

The Fourth Billboard, best in itself was a movie that truly deserved whatever it got. The plot was around mother, and this special bonding and plotting made this movie worth Oscar nomination. The poster says all about the Story and the movie.


The Steps, Played Big Role:

A guy photoshopped himself into Oscar nominated movie posters

This poster was the best of its kind. Showing all the faces of government and how common man finds it so difficult to walk through them. As the story was the same, this poster was also proved to be the best.


Love To Cigar:

A guy photoshopped himself into Oscar nominated movie posters

These poster shows love to a cigar of that person who was ready to leave the no-smoking zone nut was not ready to leave the cigar. This poster from the movie “The Darkest Hour” was one of the best historical and drama movies.


All About Fashion Designing:

A guy photoshopped himself into Oscar nominated movie posters

This historical movie was the story of British designers, who were brothers and sisters and were the most famous designer of the ’50s. The movie named “Phantom Thread” was the eighth movie of Paul Thomas. Don’t forget to watch this one.


The Event Which Shaped The World:

“Dunkirk”, this movie is all about war and how things got divided and how all the war changed the face of the earth. This poster was the view reciting the role of everything in that war, which end up crafting the thing which was not even noticed by anyone before.

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Lady Bird

The story of a strong woman who works daily with every single drop of strength left in her. And this poster clearly shows her strong willpower and never giving nature which is the quality of her in this movie.

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Get Out:

This kept the people in the confusion that they have to laugh at the comedy it has within, or they have to bite their fingers with fear. The poster is having both the faces perfectly blended together


Orders Are Not bigger than lives:

Hawkshaw Ridge is all about choosing between right and wrong. This movie is the best example of it. And the bottom line of this poster says it all about the movie.


To Achieve Something, We lose something

It was again something out of the world. The perfect blend of romantic and realistic life of two lovers, who got departed while heading towards their ambition


Manchester By The Sea:

Telling about the past and linking everything like it was before. This man returns to his hometown and relives everything he had in the past


Hell Or High Water

It is a man like a thing. It’s all the story of two brothers who rob banks for some cause. and the story is rotated around that cause and their crime.


Trainspotting 2:

This was nostalgic in its first part and so on the second. This makes us feel bad about how things were in the past and how they are now. The poster regarding this was eye-catching, with all the favorite characters in the row.


Silence Of The Lambs

This story is based on crime fiction. Where an FBI agent seeks help from a serial killer to catch another serial killer. And the story revolves around this. The poster was designed as the thought that one is making other stop speaking.

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Another movie about the X-men series. It took to the end of Logan from the series of x-men. Trust me this poster says it all about the movie. The importance of that girl in Logan’s life and how much he faces to save her.


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