A Woman should avoid such type of Men as their dating partner

We have observed several times that a woman is generally hooked up with a wrong partner based on his physical appearance and are unaware of his routine habits. That arises several problems for her, once she starts dating. So to avoid such problems which may result in a mistaken relationship here are the following twelve kinds of men, women should avoid as a dating partner.

1) The one who lacks Commitment
He is the kind of men is who is physically attractive but lacks true commitment in a relationship. Women should avoid their adorable personality as they can easily get trapped.

2) Stinky Guy
Such men are having an unpleasant or foul smell which can irritate you. So avoid such men as they are difficult to handle.


3) Selfish Men
A true relationship should comprise of both the partners possessing selfless love. If one of them is selfish then that relationship is never long-lasting one! So one should avoid selfish men.

4) The one who is careless and irresponsible
Such men who are careless in taking their own responsibilities related to career or financial management are the ones who lack in building up a strong relationship.

5) The one who fakes himself
Such people fake true love and commitment and act as if they really care for you.

6) The unsociable person

These people are not so friendly are always busy in watching shows on television. They are not the right type of person for a true relationship.

7) The Jerk
The one who pretends to be a boss. Such people can cause trouble at any place in any situation. Such men should be avoided.

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8) The F*ck Boy
Such men are just in a physical relationship. Due to their casual behaviour, they are not the right kind of men for a true commitment.

9) Childish Men
Such men possess childish behaviour. He can make you laugh but he isn’t mature enough to hold a true commitment due to his activities.

10) The Desperate one!
Those people who are desperate for their partners should be avoided. Because desperation is far different than attraction.

11) Mr Holmes Kind
Such people always show off their knowledge and consider that they are much clever than anyone else. They always let down other people and their partners too. Such people are not the perfect match.

12) The one who is Married
Such people should be strictly avoided. They are not truly committed in their married life that’s why these men can’t be trusted at all.