Come, take the advice from the experienced nail artists

Come, take the advice from the experienced nail artists

Advice from the experienced nail artists-Nail art is generally regarded as girls’ stuff. Yet, it is something that all should know, if not for your own sake but to recommend to others. Every girl keeps a craze about how her nails look. Some are too conscious about them, while others wonder why they take shape as they are but can’t do much about it. Being a girl, you must have now and then hit at your parlors for a manicure, pedicure, and your other treatments. Yes, you do require to wait on a beautician during your whole wedding week or other family occasions. Howbeit, there are some things you ought to know that you can carry out by yourself or run to a doctor for help, instead of the beauty salons.

Keep reading to know what the experienced nail artists have to teach you concerning your nails.

#1 A hot bath for your feet

Advice from the experienced nail artists

Encouraging the hot water baths for your feet is not a good idea as it seems to be. If you are having trouble with your swollen feet or regular cracks and rough heels, then experts advise you to stay away from such activity. Your already dry skin can become all the worse if you don’t treat it right. Applying moisturizers and lotions on your feet on a daily basis would be a much healthier option. This then is something that you can afford in your comfort zone at home.

#2 Pedicure after waxing

Advice from the experienced nail artists

Yeah, you might adore your fully clean legs and flaunt them around. But, if you tend to practice the same before you head for your pedicure, then you ought to give that a second thought.  It is because experts advise you otherwise! This is something that draws very little attention from anybody at a salon. They are aware that the open pores on completely shaved legs are susceptibility to wider infections. Thence, you should resist your desire to show off your doll legs when you are in for a nail cure.

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#3 Removing callus at the parlor

Advice from the experienced nail artists

Are you regularly visiting your beauty centers to remove those callus from your feet? Then better reconsider it. You cannot say how clean the instruments used on your feet maybe. Why risk your health on petty issues? According to the expert opinion, you should apply moisturizing cream on your callus and ditch your sturdy footwear. Going around with thin skin or low circulation levels can injure your feet during the process in salons.

#4 Cure for toenails

Advice from the experienced nail artists

Turnabout from your salon if you have an ingrown toenail that needs urgent care. It is because your beautician might not know how to treat it perfectly. On the other hand, if you approach your doctor in this case, he might help you better. Your ingrown toenail needs professional attention by removing the entire nail or through antibiotics. Any wrong step in treating it will only cause you more infections and headaches.

#5 Onycholysis

Advice from the experienced nail artists

Do you often notice a void under your nails, especially after your salon day? In medical terms, it is known as onycholysis. When the lower layer of your nails gets damaged, this is bound to happen. And, ask why? Due to improper pedicure and manicure, your nails show such emptiness under them. You can treat it with baths, vitamins, and ointments that only your dermatologist can prescribe. Therefore, when you face such an issue of onycholysis, make a move to your doctor.


#6 A break for your nails

Advice from the experienced nail artists

Have you been applying the same nail polish consistently? Check your move then, as it is quite a wrong way. Nail experts advise you to keep changing your nail print periodically in about a month. Furthermore, it would be worthwhile if you give a break to your nails from the regular use of these chemicals. Your new nail takes about 105 days to grow, so you can relax for 6-8 months before making your next step. This could eventually save you from unwelcoming attacks of asthma and other allergies.

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#7 Nail Yellowing

Advice from the experienced nail artists

If you are struggling with your yellow nails, don’t blame it all on your health as a poor manicure can also be a cause. Hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste, salt scrubs, a lemon bath can bring your nails to its original color. Avoid using iodine on your nails. According to experts, a protective layer before the nail polish can be of utmost use. Moreover, it would be better if you use a quality nail product instead of the low-class ones.

#8 Cuticle vs no cuticle

cuticle vs no cuticle

You might be confused about whether the cuticle is of any help to you and eventually conclude to discard it off during your manicure. One thing you should keep a note of is that this very layer acts as a protective covering of your nails from any infection. If you don’t fancy ugly, wavy, colorless and thick nails, you should stop them from being removed. Your beautician might untimely infect or injure the cuticle while clearing them. Rather than completely getting rid of the cuticle, doctors recommend you move them away with soft tools after briefly softening them.

#9 Nail Fragility

nail fragility

Is the nail file your all-time partner? Doctors advise you against it, though. Cutting your nails using a pair of scissors and then shaping them using a file would be helpful in the long run. Further, you should shape them only after drying them thoroughly. Your wet nails are more vulnerable to become fragile due to mishandling. A low-quality manicure is one of the reasons for your fragile nails. Use a nail file of 240 grit and above to get proper natural nails.

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#10 House for hangnails

house for hangnails

If your hangnails bother you a lot, then cut them evenly. Never tear them. An unprofessional nail treatment might be the cause of your hangnails. Get your manicure done by professionals to avoid such troubles. Nail artists also recommend you to apply a cream containing vitamin E to reduce the risk of hangnails.

#11 LED over UV

LED over UV

Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to your health and can be responsible for skin burns and cancers. Hence, think before you put your hand under the UV lamps in your salon to dry those shellacs. In contrast, you can either go for parlors with LED lamps or apply protective lotions on your hands before the UV step.

#12 Instruments and infections

instruments and infection

The tools used in your manicure and pedicure matter a lot to your health. Unclean and dirty instruments can be a major factor in the development of fungal diseases. Can you believe that it can also scare you down with HIV or Hepatitis B and C? Yes, cleanliness has a large impact on your beauty and health. To be on the safe side, you can carry your equipment with you or inquire about them from your beauticians.

These minor facts about your nail cure might have amazed you since they are something that you give your least attention. Howbeit, if you certainly require a beauty treatment for your nails, then choose the best professional artist to prevent yourself from tripping into all the mess.