An insight into Bangalore based Scalend technologies

Scalend Technologies, a company based in Bangalore with an aim to provide artificial intelligence-enabled data discovery had come a long way from when it was first launched in 2015. It was initially a part of NetApp Excellerator but later actually became a full-fledged startup.

Analytics from India Magazine got in touch with one of Scalend’s founder and CEO, Mr. Ravi Madhira to have an insight into Scalend’s big data solutions, AI offerings, and various other services. Ravi Madhira and Srikanth Parthasarathy started Scalend to finding a solution to the everyday problems of e-commerce merchants. What did Ravi have to say to the analyst from India Magazine? Let’s take a look into it.

Scalend mainly has two product lines:

  • Advanced analytics platform: It provides security and efficient data handling by cleansing and predictive data modeling.
  • Essential insights: Now this product is entirely AI-based mainly designed for the e-commerce merchants. The AI allows for actionable insights like upselling, inventory, pricing and several others.

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An insight into Bangalore based Scalend technologies

Mr. Ravi Madhira says, “The advanced analytics platform provides the ability to acquire data from different types of data sources, whether it is structured or unstructured data, bring them together and run predictive models on top of it. The platform can be connected to any standard visualization tool like Tableau or QlikView to generate necessary reports.”

He added, “Today standard tools provide basic reporting capabilities, but merchants demand more. They want to know what to do next to improve sales, what actions to take to increase revenue, reduce declines, costs, and others.” For this, he pointed out how Machine Learning and AI played a hand to enable Scalend to cater to these mentioned needs of the merchants. Talking more about the AI-enabled modeling, he added,” In some cases, it so happens that datasets might be small in size,… which means that we have to be very careful about the quality of the recommendations. But given that we aggregate data across customers some of that risk is mitigated.” The AI engine looks into every customer’s data individually and makes models for all of them respectively, that is according to the data acquired from them.

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An insight into Bangalore based Scalend technologies

The company is optimistic about the future as they are also looking to add junior and senior resource members to their team. Based on Machine Learning and AI, Scalend will face financial crises as they have in the past. But they were able to get the past that and now with financial aid from the Karnataka government through their KBITS program they never have to look behind. Besides the government, NetApp and Paypal for enterprises and e-commerce respectively are also providing the go-to-market support to Scalend Technologies.