$1,000 A Month In Rent Around The Globe

Appartments in different cities have different rents. Here, we present 15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month in major cities across the globe.

1. Paris, France

15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This place costs around $1077 per month, but the scenic views from the windows are priceless. The famous Eiffel Tower can be seen from the large balcony of this cozy and bright-lit apartment. So, are you moving into this apartment?

2. Mérida, Mexico

15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This apartment costs only $851 a month. It is a three-bedroom and four-bathroom apartment. Moreover, it comes with a pool. Surely, it’s way better and cheaper than apartments in New York, which are tiny and costlier.


3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This picturesque studio apartment in Buenos Aires includes a king-size bed, a TV screen, and a furnished balcony, besides everything covered in the picture. Add to that; there is a weekly cleaning service included in the comparatively low rent of $1000 a month.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This apartment in Prague is designed to maximize space with a glossy modern look. Everything is arranged compactly in this studio apartment, and it costs only $1009 per month.

5. Madrid, Spain

15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This elegant apartment at $959 a month is located in Malasaña, one of the most famous districts in Madrid. This attic apartment is fully furnished and the best thing about this apartment is the view of the city that one can have on its large terrace.

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6. Bali, Indonesia

This is a villa itself. This apartment in Bali, Indonesia features two bedrooms and bathrooms with sliding glass doors at $1041 a month. Bali is known for its lush forests and, the outsides of this villa are heavily planted.

7. Rome, Italy

This elegant apartment comes at a reasonable price of $1077 a month with all the utilities including TV and internet. It is a fully-furnished apartment, and the best part has to be the bedroom windows from which one can see most of Rome’s tourist attractions.

8. Tavira, Portugal

This fully furnished apartment is in the beautiful town known as Tavira, located on the coast of southeastern Portugal. The pros of this apartment include proximity to the beach among others, and it costs only $658 a month.

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9. Stockholm, Sweden

This warm apartment, just outside of Stockholm, features two bedrooms, a wrap-around wooden deck with natural beauty all around. This apartment, at only $1008 a month, is a steal for those who love the countryside and want to stay close to nature.

10. Tokyo, Japan

This compact apartment in Tokyo comes with an adorable balcony. The studio may be a bit of a tight squeeze, but, it’s a cozy place to live in downtown Tokyo. It also has access to an elevator and comes at $964 per month.

11. Berlin, Germany

15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This apartment lies in the center of Berlin. It is a one-bedroom compact apartment with ample sunlight. $952 a month for this apartment is low given the location.

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12. Rabat, Morroco

15 apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This apartment lies in Morocco’s capital city, Rabat and is fully furnished with two bedrooms. Moreover. The apartment complex houses a swimming pool. If you like to spend some time in Morocco, this is the place for you and at just $804 a month.

13.Alajuela, Costa Rica

15 Apartments that cost around $1000 per month

Located in Alajuela, this apartment lies in the tropical dry forest of Costa Rica. If you would like to be woken up by howling monkies and croaking macaws, this is the place for you. It features a bedroom, and the view around is spectacularly beautiful. At just $950 a month, this apartment has a pool included.

14. Dugi Rat, Croatia

15 Apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This apartment in Dugi Rat, Croatia, is a beachfront penthouse with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. The views may be priceless but, this apartment is only $1025 per month.

15. Brooklyn, New York, USA

15 Apartments that cost around $1000 per month

This apartment in Brooklyn, New York comes with all the utilities. A great balcony and a relatively low cost of $1000 a month this apartment are best suited for those who do not like to get their hands into cooking as there is no kitchen in this apartment.