Are You Scared Of These Natural Truths? See For Yourself

Are you scared of these natural truths? See for yourself!

Terrifying animal facts-Can you imagine that some facts and truths can scare you out of your wits? Well, not everything pleases your eyes and soul, isn’t it? There are a bunch of worldly wonders to which nature adds its tinge of magic and awe. A few such fun and fear factors are discussed here. Read along to find out how courageously you can digest them in.

#1 300 Teeth? Seriously?

Terrifying Animal Facts


The Great White Sharks have seven rows of teeth, making up to a total of 300. No wonder, they seem scary to the water world and you.

#2 A mouthless moth

Terrifying Animal Facts

Can you live without your mouth? No, right? Howbeit, Imago or the adult Luna moth emerges from the pupa without a mouth. They cannot feed themselves. This winged insect only indulges in mating, before they finally bid goodbye to the world after seven days. Of course, the reason for their death is starvation.

#3 Are the lemurs conspiring?

Terrifying Animal Facts

You need not worry; it’s just their family matters! Conspiracy is the collective name for a group of lemurs. Nonetheless, if it comes to their predators, nothing would stop them from justifying their name.

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#4 Can you smell bananas?

Terrifying Animal Facts

When the Africanised bees are all set to make a move on their prey, they smell like bananas. It happens so because of the pheromones released by them. Therefore, you need to understand when to make a run for your life.

#5 Flexes of the male kangaroos

Terrifying Animal Facts

You might have grasped the human tendency to attract the opposite sex. Nature follows almost similar patterns in its other creatures too. The male kangaroos are seen to flex their muscles to gain the female’s attention and as a signal for mating.

#6 How many nipples did you say? 13

Terrifying Animal Facts

Yes, you heard it right. Nature holds such species with unusual features, and one of them is the opossum. It consists of 13 nipples positioned in a circle, where 12 complete the ring and surround the 13th one which lies in the middle.

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#7 Learn endurance from the female tarantula

Terrifying Animal Facts

The average lifespan of a female tarantula is 40 years on land. It can survive for two years in the water. Look how enduring she is!

#8 Locked? Take help from a raccoon.

Terrifying Animal Facts

Raccoons come around as a mighty help in case you need to unlock some doors. With their brilliant minds, they can open about 11-13 locks in less than ten attempts. This study was conducted in the early 20th century.

#9 Owls for ghosts

owls for ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you do or not makes no sense to the owls, because they are one. Yes, have you ever heard them making any noise while flying high? You would not even know when one comes and sits on your rooftop. This is due to the mini-currents produced by breaking the air turbulence with their unique feathers.

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#10 Panda ant? Wow!

panda ant? wow!

Cuteness can be a dangerous outfit. Guess how? Even though with looks similar to a panda, the wasp predominant in Chile can turn out to be cow killers. It does wear panda clothing, isn’t it?

#11 Stay away from a pufferfish

stay away from a pufferfish

If you don’t want to risk your precious life, better keep your distance from the puffer fish. The toxins it possesses can kill not just you, but 29 more like you. Besides, there is no antidote for its sting until now.

#12 The hostility of the owl and the crow

the hostility of the owl and the crow

Your childhood tales might have introduced you to the undying friendship between the owl and the raven. However, in reality, it is just the opposite. Both these birds cannot tolerate each other, and the attacks kick off once they come face to face.

#13 The fish with the transparent head

the fish with the transparent head

What did you think, the fish cannot see what you are doing? You are wrong then because some of them have an open eye for it. Yeah, rightly the Pacific Barreleye fish possess a see-through head, which allows it to rotate its eyes and look upwards through them.

#14 Vengeful tigers

vengeful tigers

If you think you can be your worst in revenge, think again. No soul can outdo your tigers in this matter. Take the whole world; these dangerous animals will never forget those who wronged them and will come back to take revenge.

#15 Who runs faster? Grizzly bear or horses?

who runs faster? grizzly bear or horses

Surely, you cannot beat either the horse or the grizzly bear with your pace. But, out of the two, the bears can outrun the horses. It is because horses need some time to speed up their steps. That’s why it holds true for them in short distances.

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Do these fantastic and intriguing facts about your planet leave you astounded or worried? Whatever your emotions may be, they are some beautiful creations gifted to you by nature. And, you must live in harmony with them. Best of luck with it!