Are you smart or intelligent- Things which can help you in becoming smart

Most of us are unaware of the fact that the people are smart or intelligent? Or what is the difference between these two? Well, there is a fine line between two classes. Here we’ll discuss the difference between the two and the activities which can make you smarter.

1) Always note down what you learned?
When you learn something new, you should always note it down on a paper. This will help you in enhancing your brainpower and you’ll never forget that thing.

2) Play your favourite game
Playing games can make your brain work actively. It thrusts the brain to exercise on a regular basis which is good for yourself.

3) Always keep smart friend
One should always hang out with those people who are smarter and ingenious than you. Doing so will make you smarter in the relatively short span of time.

4) Make reading your habit
One should make reading as their habit as it can enhance your knowledge and sense of humour.

5) Always do new things
This can make your brain work in a positive manner as it will engage your brain in exploring new activities which can also help in the improvisation of health.

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