Beautiful Portraits by a Korean Artists symbolising Love and Affection

Every beautiful relationship comprises of love, affection, romance, intimacy, a better understanding etc. and all these factors together builds a strong foundation of an ever-lasting relationship. A 29-year-old artist, from Seoul, South Korea named as Yang Se Eun, famously known through a Facebook page Zipcy due to her famous artworks. She is well-known for her portraits which depicts the beauty of love and intimacy in her sketches. Her art is exceptionally mind-blowing and deserves a world-known recognition. Just have a look at her work-

1) The way we cuddle and then make me sleep.

2) The perfect hug which makes him feel that he is not alone.

3) Hugging and holding you this way makes me feel better and relaxed.

4) I love to stare you and wish to lose in your lovely eyes forever.

5) I can feel your touch.

6) Just hold my hands like this forever.

7) You are mine and I’m yours forever.

8) I love playing with your hairs.

9) Because I want to taste your lips.

10) Your hugs are the best healers.

11) Hey, can I wipe my mouth with your shirt? Wow, its smells like you!

12) Let’s cuddle tonight.

13) I just love your touch.

14) You are there during my dark days.

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