Best Psychological Reasons Behind failure of workout results

There are many times we observe that there are some people despite heavy workout and strict diet plans but are still unable to lose weight. There can be many possible reasons but the major reasons behind these are one’s psychological state. As we know that our mind controls our body so that’s why our psychological state of mind is dominating our physical state. Here are 5 best psychological reasons:

1) Blaming on your overweight conditions
These kind of people are generally outer-directed i.e. those who perceive the environment to be more powerful than themselves. They believe that just because they are over-weighted they have so much problem in life. This lower down their self-confidence which results in no loss of weight.

2) Can take support of laziness
Generally, these are those people who are very lazy and takes its support of their nature. Due to this they postpone their workout dates and remain as they are.


3) It is a way of attaining sympathy
These reasons are given by those people who are in search of attention from others. They also like to gain sympathy from other people that’s the main reason because of which they are failed to reduce their weight.

4) It is a way to escape unwanted negative thoughts
We have always seen that people under stress eat a lot, even if they are on a diet. The reason behind this is they are incapable of overcoming their emotions. Through this, they escape or avoid their unwanted negative thoughts.

5) It is a reason behind unsolved self-esteem problems.
Incompetent self-esteem is another psychological hindrance to losing weight. Lack of self-confidence results in no motivation which drags people backwards. Which results in lack of physical activity and more of depression.

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