Best Sleep Positions to Prevent these Health Issues

Best sleep position for health problems-Sleep is an essential thing we need. Not getting enough sleep can result in various health issues. After a hectic day, all a person wants is that they lie down and sleep peacefully, but it is not happening. Comfort is most important; some get comfortable sleeping with lots of pillows around or relaxing on the sides or their stomach. Different sleeping positions help you doze off quickly.

But not every position is right for you! Many researchers and physicians surveyed and concluded that various conditions like sleep apnea, acid flux or headaches happen by twisting, turning or tossing in different directions suddenly.

Switching up your sleep positions can make a difference, and you might recover from the various health problems and can sleep peacefully. Here are some of the health issues, if you suffer from any, then it is time you must change your sleep positions.

  1. PMS

Best sleep position for health problems

Premenstrual Syndrome, two ways that we are about to discuss can help you relieve PMS symptoms: it is to sleep either on your back or in the fetal position. Place a pillow under your knees while you lie on your back; this will help in taking the pressure off your lower end.

In the fetal position, all you need to do is lie on your side and bend your knees. By swinging your knees up, it will take the pressure off the abdomen and alleviates pain.

  1. Neck Pain and Headaches

If you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, then you have no problem with your Neck or Head pain. Sleeping in these two positions will treat your neck pain and headaches. Pillows also make a difference; you must use a memory foam pillow which supports the contour of your head or a soft cushion that won’t cause any flex in your neck overnight.

  1. Back pain
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While we sleep just like our neck, our back pain aggravates as our spine gets out of alignment. To treat your back pain, you should sleep on your back and take a small soft pillow tucked under your knees. It will keep your spine and hips aligned; it will alleviate pain and treat your back and relieves pressure.

  1. Acid reflux and Heartburn

Best sleep position for health problems

Our sleep positions matter a lot. Sleeping on your left prevents the acid to flow into the esophagus. You can even use a wedge pillow to add support to elevate your upper body.

  1. Jaw pain/TMJ

Your jaw muscles and facial muscles relax when you sleep in on your back. Keep your head straight and a little tilted toward the ceiling, and to the tooth grinders, you have to close your mouth and leave your teeth parted.

  1. Snoring

Snoring happens when you sleep on your back as your tongue drops towards the end of your throat, obstructing the airway. You must sleep on your side to prevent your tongue from due to gravity’s pull. Keep a pillow between your legs to keep pressure off your spine and hips.

  1. Digestive or Pregnancy Discomfort

Best sleep position for health problems

The side of your stomach is on the left, so sleeping on the left allows for better digestion. For pregnant women, this position is the most comfortable one as it helps in better circulation.

  1. Sore shoulders

Sleep with your arms lying on the sides and your shoulders in a relaxing position. Try to avoid compressing the shoulders on sides while sleeping and sleep on your back instead. The position lets the liquid flow in your joints and prevents inflammation and soreness.

  1. Sciatica/Leg Pain
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Sleeping on your back with a pillow between your knees alleviates sciatic pain. Sleep in a position that your heels and buttocks remain on the bed.

Having one of these issues? Start to change your position and relieve yourself from the pain.