Best solution for side sleepers in order to obtain a peaceful night

Body stiffness, shoulder aches, neck pain are some of the common issues which are faced by side sleepers every morning when they wake up. Due to this habit of sleeping, they are failed to achieve better and peaceful sleep. But don’t worry, there is one best solution for these people which can help them in obtaining a peaceful sleep and a pain-free morning. All they need is to make a minor change in their habit.
According to experts, you need to find some sort of support for your neck and shoulders before you go to your bed.

Best solutions for side sleepers in order to obtain a peaceful night
Dr. Jess Greaux with Intersport Chiropractic states that the best position while sleeping is to lie flat on the back but she also mentions that there are several solutions for side sleepers too to release their stress by keeping the shoulders in an open position throughout the night. She writes: One tip you can use to keep your shoulders open is to wedge a leg-pillow in between your arms and hug it tightly. The pillow should be placed vertically, with its base touching your mattress, and your top arm draped over it. Unlike a traditional soft pillow, the hard foam of the leg-pillow will retain its shape and will prevent your shoulders from collapsing into it.
If you still feel that you aren’t receiving full comfort from the leg-pillow then Dr. Greaux suggests, place a swim buoy or a yoga block between your legs for an optimal spine, lower back, and hip alignment. Though you are not experiencing any kind of a pain in these areas applying this method in these areas can help in releasing the pressure from shoulders and can result in the pain-free morning.

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Some other approaches to release Shoulder Pain
Dr. Greaux suggests that if you are suffering from a regular and intense pain on either side of your shoulder then you must visit an orthopaedist. The doctor will first perform some series of tests to ensure that your shoulders are not suffering from derangement or a hidden injury before starting you on a treatment plan.
He will recommend several physical therapy exercises such as active release techniques to break up scar tissue around the shoulders, yoga, and Pilates as a part of treatment.
There are several other low-impact exercises for pain relief which you can try out at home if your doctor permits. One of them is an ordinary racquetball which will consume roughly 30 seconds of your time.

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