Facts About The Bubble Hotels That Will Provide You The Coolest Way To See The Northern Lights

When you plan a new vacation, you want a stress free time in that period. You want a fresh mind and a fresh place so that no one can disturb you when you are enjoying. We plan an outing within our budget and the same we want for the hotel stay. But when we look at Bubble Hotels, then you will always prefer to stay in them without knowing its price.

The place is very peaceful and stunning. You will get shocked to see them at once, and it will catch your eyes in such a way that you cannot resist looking at the hotel. Want to know more about Bubble Hotels? Here are some facts about it.

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Bubble Hotels

Bubble hotel to see northern lights

You might not have seen such a place in your entire life. We get attracted to them very quickly. But once you may also think if it a place to see but what you will say when you know that it is a hotel. Along with the refreshment, you also get to look at Northern lights during the stay. The colors are inspiring.

5 Million Star Hotel

Bubble hotel to see northern lights

The place you see in the picture is in Europe, and here you can sleep in the bubble and many places we visit are not promising for the Northern lights, but they stay in the image is perfect with everything aspect. Not only this, if you are experiencing it for the first time them you will look at the sky all the time. The lights you can see shining in the sky and moreover you are precisely in the middle of Iceland. Lights will be illuminating the air, and it is like your dream is becoming true.

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Between September And March

Bubble hotel to see northern lights

Staying in the place is just like an adventure for you. You will not get to see lights in the summertime due to the cold region, but you will feel the pleasure of sleeping in the middle of the forest. The place is ultimate. It is like beautiful scenery. From March to September, the management cannot assure you that you will get the play of adventure of experiencing the lights. But it will be a magical night for you.

5 Star Service

Bubble hotel to see northern lights

Well, as we are staying in the bubble, you will get that there is no TV or the WiFi in that place. The main thing is the lamp, a double bed, and the outlets. It is the essential requirement which the management will provide you. But now you might be thinking of where we will bath or do the business?

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Service House

Bubble hotels to see northern lights

There is a service house near to your bubble room. It is like a small cabin where you can take a shower, use the restroom, and kitchen. Food is not in your service, and you have bought your own. But the coffee they will provide you. It is a beautiful place.

A Place To Eat

Bubble hotels to see northern lights

There is one place in the cabin where you can sit and eat. It is a room full of open windows so that you can enjoy it at its best. WiFi facility is available to you at the place. There is a total of five bubbles: Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis or Maria and you can book any of them. The site is best for the adults, but kids can also enjoy the stay.

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It Keeps You Warm

Bubble hotels to see northern lights

The place is a bit chilly. But the bubble will keep you warm always. According to the website, “The bubble has a heating system with a thermostat, so the bubble stays warm all winter.” You can turn the heat up and down without caring about the snow outside.

Blowing Bubbles

Bubble hotels to see northern lights

There is a good ventilation system which will help to keep the place noiseless. So imagine when you will be sitting in the massive bubble and the noiseless place then how would you feel enjoying the moment with your partner. It is a dream of every being to choose it for vacation purposes.

High In The Sky

Bubble hotels to see northern lights

The place is a heaven for us. Now you must be thinking of the cost it may leave you. The management takes $275 per night, and the rate is genuine according to the place like this. The place is actually a steal.