Can You Guess Where These Foods Come From?

1 Cashews

Can You Guess Where These Foods Come From

Have you ever thought about where these foods come from? Yes, this weird looking picture is of cashews. You must be amazed to know these cashew seeds grow on these cashews apples. Well, the apple is not useful afterward the seeds are taken off from the apple, and hence the seeds are harvested, and the whole apple is discarded.

2 Wasabi

Can You Guess Where These Foods Come From


The wasabi which you used in your sushi comes from here as the picture has shown, Yes the real wasabi looks exactly like this only. The Wasabi first comes from the root Wasabia, Japonica. Then from the root, the fresh wasabi is taken out which is then further used in various restaurants for making multiple delicious dishes.

But the saddest part is not all wasabi are real. Many restaurants use artificial wasabi. Mostly this is done in some parts of Japan. They use a mixture of horseradish, mustard and food coloring instead of real wasabi.

3 Cinnamon

Can You Guess Where These Foods Come From

As the name suggests, the cinnamon comes from the tree called a cinnamon tree. Firstly the bark is harvested and then it is dried and converted into cinnamon quills. And then it is again turned but now in thin powder, and then it can be used to sprinkle into your pumpkin spice latte.

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