11 changes in your own personal world, after you step in 31

Changes in human after 30-It is said there are seven stages of life where the sixth stage is the stage after 30 and before the old age that is 60. this is an age of selfishness and become less social. Many consider it as the worst stage of life, but to that view, it is not that worst as you think of it. At this age, the changes you face is tremendously enormous be it in your look and or the way you look to your surrounding and or the way family starts addressing you. Confused, well then you are really in the 30+ age group.

Given below are eleven great changes that had seen, felt and noticed by you in yourself


Your body starts indicating that you are 30:

changes in human after 30

The look you see in the mirror is now changed, You will find wrinkles on your face. You will find hair growths at some unusual places where you don’t want them to be or never thought of it. The teeth, especially premolars, are now having artificial root nerve. You need to wear glasses now and guess what they even won’t help you much and don’t forget love handlings which is now much smarter. And above all ladies, your eggs are dying, freeze it asap.

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Do I still need friends?

Earlier Now you will have very few friends who are close to you and no fake friends around. That is now you will be respecting quality not the quantity.

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Less priority to going out and more to staying in:

changes in human after 30

At this stage of life staying alone is more preferred by you then going outside to spend time with others. Now you have too many problems with the same world you love to explore when you were 20. As in this stage, you feel everything is a waste of time, and you gain nothing by doing this stuff. You don’t like the crowd, not interested in partying and now your couch is now your new companion on which you want to jump over.


Dating and relationships? What are they?

For years you have been in relationships, faking your attachments, feeling sorry all the time even if it is not your fault and becoming, holding together than being a part of coming together. Well, after thirty they all hardly matters. You will readily dump this kind of relationship. You no more need anyone for anything or anything from anyone.


What is your drinking capacity?

After thirty it seems like tables have turned. Earlier the same who don’t feel anything even after a tower of beer is now done with even a glass of it. At this stage, one glass wine is enough to make you feel good enough to fall on the bed and right asleep. It is not enough, but that’s all is needed.

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I am no younger anymore:

changes in human after 30

At this stage now you only feel that everyone around me is younger than me and I am older than all of them. Up to an extent, you are right. Yes, the majority of people around you are younger, be it your coworkers, your boss, everyone.


No longer confused with your needs.

changes in human after 30

Now you are no longer the old you who was always in need of someone to guide with even a small decision of your life. At this stage, you have to do what you want to do, and you feel it is right, and no longer you need a mentor to look over all your choices and point out what is wrong or what is right for you. YOU ARE BOSS OF YOUR OWN.


Is this what I wanted to be when I was in college?

changes in human after 30

Many have many dreams for life when they are in college. But, they have only one or two careers dream for themselves in their college life. It is not correctly noticed before 30 that whether I achieve that dream or not. As you enter this stage, you get to know that whether this is the same, I dreamt of, or I just changed it a lot in the last ten years. This is the stage where you understand yourselves and get over all the previous job experience and start doing what you are interested in.


Parents are parents, not a god:

changes in human after 30


At this stage of life, you will start understanding that my parents have done the same I m going through and it’s not a superhuman thing. They are the same ordinary human being with their problems and issues of their kind, and its need for them to do, what we used to think can only be done by superhuman who give lots of sacrifices.

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Get rid of technology and useless kinds of stuff:

changes in human after 30

Necessary is what we can not get rid of, but useless is something we keep to show off. So if we take it that way, after thirty there is no showing off. You try to get rid of all the unnecessary usage of your memory. Useless technology and have only useful required stuff.

Getting relaxation time for yourself:

changes in human after 30

Now that you are independent, less bothered about other’s words, and more likely think about alone time. Now is the stage for getting more relaxed. So far in your life, you only like rush, race, competition, and fight. But soon after thirty, you know the importance of rest, and you devote plenty of time to it.