Check-Out what does your Birth month butterfly reveals about your Personality

Butterflies are a perfect representation of life cycle. There are 12 kinds of butterfly each representing a month and reveals a unique meaning. Just have a look on your birth-month and what does that specific butterfly has to say about you-

1) January
You are generous and friendly. You admire everyone with your optimistic and confident personality. You are a beautiful, free butterfly which can bring smile on others face just by your presence.

2) February
You possess a very adorable and confident personality and due to your charisma everyone is attracted to you.


3) March
You are the one who face every adverse situation and try to find the best possible solution instead of giving up. Your own insight leads you on the right path. You are a stable and determined person and have a deeper side of your personality.

4) April
You are sensitive and emotional and are not afraid of exposing them in front of others. People love and respect you for such behaviour. You make this world a better place to live with your love and care.

5) May
You are a marvellous person! Your closed ones know you in a better way and love you just the way you are. You are helpful and caring and can go up to any extent to help your loved ones.

6) June
You have a calm and peaceful personality. You are an incredible person! You have an insight regarding other people desires. You can be a perfect match for someone.

7) July
You are brave and courageous which builds up your personality. You also possess a warm and sensitive side which you rarely expose. You are a generous and respectful person towards others. People like you can make this world a better place.

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8) August
You are honest and loyal towards the society and that is one such quality which is appreciated by others. That’s make you a trustworthy person due to which you can win people’s trust easily and you are generally a centre of attraction.

9) September
You possess an intrusive personality with a powerful imaginative power and due to this, you are a daydreamer. You always plan your future and knows how to reach by your destination. People appreciate your personality and are ready to follow you.

10) October
You have a well-balanced life and are always ready to face your problems with strong determination and enthusiast. You are extremely helpful and observant. You need to need to be cautious as not everyone can appreciate the good in you.

11) November
You are a creative personality with lots of ideas. You might live in your dreamland but still you are down to earth.

12) December
You are never satisfied of what you earned up till now, you are always in search for more. You are an emotional and sensitive person and are never afraid in exposing it. You never hide your emotions as you are never afraid of standing up against people and you are the one who always accepts your mistakes. This quality of yours is admired by others.