Check Out What These Lucky Stones Tell About You; Choose One

There are a lot of crystals and stone in the world which hold a lot of significance and hidden secrets in them. People are naturally drawn to their ”lucky stones”.

Check out what the stones tell about your nature.

Check out what the stones tell about your nature



Stone 1

The #1 stone is Oplaite or Sea Opal. You are a free spirit. You want freedom from the crowd of the world. You want to nurture your inner self by disconnecting from the people for a while.

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Stone 2.

The #2 stone is a Malachite. If this is your lucky stone, then you will witness a lot of changes in your life. These changes will be mainly spiritual. You may also experience some changes in your life. It’s time to ponder upon the choices you have been making in your life so far.

Stone 3

The #3 is a Sunstone, found mainly in Norway and Sweden. This lucky stone is chosen by those who are always optimistic throughout their lives. Your future is as bright as the sun. Your life resembles the sun. As you move forward in your life, heal your soul with the warmth of the sun.

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Stone 4

The #4 stone is a Mahogany Obsidian formed from the volcanic lava. If you chose this stone, your inner soul is persuading you to break out of your old life towards a new one. You are fortunate, and you are well aware of it. Be grateful for everything you have. Jealousy should not be a part of you.

The Things You Should Know While Shopping

Stone 5

The #5 stone is known as Howlite. If you were drawn to this stone, you need to keep yourself open for messages in your dreams. These messages seem to come from nowhere. They come from your passed relatives and loved ones. Pen down your dreams and maintain a diary. This will help you to find the meaning of the messages that come to you.

Stone 6

The #6 stone is a Dalmatian Jasper. This lucky stone is for those who are very active and joyous in their lives. Keep looking for new adventures and make new friends. The more the fun, the happier you will be.