Check Your Soul Symbol According To Your Birth Month

Your soul says a lot about you; it depends a lot on the month of your birth. Let us check it out what is your soul symbol.


Symbol- Dragon

People who are born in January have dragon symbol. They have the personality which is higher than the others. They got that fire in their belly and their soul as well. They are the people who aspire higher and try to rise beyond humanity to chase their dreams.


Symbol- Phoenix

February born people got the sign of Phoenix. They are the people who distinctly meant to be different from all others and also from their soul desires. They are the ones who may get hit but never beaten. Similarly like a phoenix, they have a personality which never quits and rises above no matter what.


Symbol- Yin-Yang

March born people got the sign of Yin-Yang. These people have a balanced personality. Their soul always looks for harmony in all aspects of life. They have a unique quality of balancing evil with good and highs with the lows.


Symbol- Lion

People who born in April have a significant and courageous personality. April born people always stand by others side and fights alone in a crowd. They have a big heart and always fights like a warrior. The soul of April borns sounds louder than others. That is why the April borns have Lion symbol in their souls.


Symbol- Wolf

May borns are the ones who have a big group of friends or others, but they are always alone. These kinds of people always protect their near and dear ones by staying back. They play a role of a leader in their group and always defend others.

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Symbol- Fish

People born in June carries a confident personality. They are free and independent like a fish. June born people have a soul which can quickly pass through the bad times and make them good with little efforts. The soul of these people helps them in their life. They listen to their inner voice and find a way in life.


Symbol- Fire


July born people are very passionate about their life. They contain a fire in their soul, and this fire remains burning until the dreams accomplished. These people become little aggressive when they face hurdles between them and their goals. Fire in their soul helps them in their unfortunate situations and enlighten the way to come out of it.


Symbol- Horse

Horses are wild and free in their life, and the August-born people contains the personality of a horse. The soul of August borns are meant to prosper, and progress and they find best in themselves in stressful situations.


Symbol- Flower

These people carry a personality of a rose. September borns are very sweet, calm, and simple. These people have a beautiful soul, and people love to be with the September borns. They are very quiet and peaceful and always spread positivity.


Symbol- Star

October born people have a big heart like stars. Stars always provide light and guide others by just burning itself. The soul of these people always shine brighter than others and allows light to others in their darkness. People always want a star in their life to brighten up their lives.

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Symbol- Tree

November borns are very kind and caring. The soul of these people are very protective and always help others when they need it. The personality of these people is generated by time and gives a sweet fruit. These people are always giving, not demanding. They are very generous.


Symbol- Water

December borns are very selfless like water. We all know that water finds its way itself. It goes through mountains, hills, rivers by itself, nobody digs its way. These people have a calm personality, but sometimes it becomes dangerous like water in wild areas.