Checkout what might be the future of VR

What is the Future of VR? Virtual Reality is the part of the modern technology that ordinary people refer to it as something fresh. What all anybody needs to do is to own a decent pair of VR glasses and a decent smartphone. Even if a user is looking to ride a roller coaster without really stepping out of the house, VR will give the user chills from it.

Looking at how VR works, it would be a great accessory considering the entertainment business. But that’s not all. Medical and military training could use simulations to put the trainees to the proper test and also every aspect of virtual reality.


Virtual Reality can even be the solution for the disabled as well as the housebound people to get experience of the outside world. However, VR exploration might not just be limited to the outside world only. With every possibility of being a reality, we might get to experience space in all its beauty and glory directly in our rooms. It was considered impossible for anyone who is not an astronaut to experience and witness the area, but it is not anymore.

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Now as per estimations go, the industries see VR as a step in the future. According to most, it is the next big thing towards a better future. International Data Corporation believes that the global market value for augmented and virtual reality will increase ten times by 2020. The current value is just $14 million, and as per estimations, it is expected to reach $143 million by 2020.

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Future of VR

The perfect example of the application of VR is the game launched by Nintendo called Pokemon Go. It allowed teenagers to wander around the streets and surroundings to catch Pokemon of the other world. However, we don’t see many teenagers still trying to find a Pikachu or any other Pokemon for that matter. Maybe the game lost its glory.

Surprisingly though, any other game manufacturers have not even tried to implement something similar to create a different game and earn a considerable share of profit like the Pokemon Go. The reason behind it is probably because true Virtual Reality requires a great deal of spending and decent pairs of VR headsets are not yet available to the general masses at such an affordable price.

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However, the future with VR headsets is not that far with Oculus Go from Facebook coming in at 200 dollars and the Samsung Gear coming in at 100 dollars. Even considering the 6 million VR headsets launched last year, around 3/4th of it was the Samsung Gear. So as soon as more of these wireless VR headsets hit the $100 price point and it becomes an affordable device for any country in the world, we will see a drastic increase in demand for VR headsets indeed. This, in turn, will inspire the tech giants to indeed built devices around the VR ecosystem.