Childhood Has Evolved Over The Decades. Here’s how!

Childhood then vs now-Time flies, and with so much advancement in technology, we are progressing ahead in almost every aspect of life. Childhood two decades ago vs the youth, we see today is very different. Technolgy was utterly alien to most of us 20 years back, and we didn’t have the knack to sit and compare our smartphones. Today, a five-year-old can unlock a smartphone quite easily.

Childhood then vs now-Childhood Has Evolved Over The Decades

Let us have a look at images that will take you through a memory lane as it compares childhood then to childhood now. Let us have a look at how things have evolved with time!

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1. Video-Games

Childhood then vs now

Children prefer playing a good game of hiding and seek or at least the idea of going out and playing in the garden. They would do anything from playing with marbles to just playing with mud. And yes, they enjoyed every moment of it. Children of this generation love have their gaming consoles to themselves during their playtime; an are quite addicted to it. With smartphones, they have their favorite cartoons or games, just a click away

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2. Punishments

Childhood then vs now

Children were punished earlier by making them write something ten times or by making them stand quietly in a corner. Today, just switch off the WiFi and there-there, you have a quick punishment.

3. School programs

Childhood then vs now

Previously, parents were quite excited about knowing a child’s grade. The child would also, on the other hand, strive to get maximum A’s. Today, the children talk about how they have been socially active and what heroic acts they have portrayed in school.

Things That Shows You’re Healthy and Fit.

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4. Entanglement

Childhood then vs now

Ever got annoyed by watching the slinkies get all messed up? Used to be the earphones for us, today the frustration is caused by these slinkies!

5. Communicating

We had a string attached to cups for talking to friends, only to mimic a telephone! Today, kids have varied mediums of communicating. They have access to messaging, online gaming, so and so forth.

INDEED! Times have changed.