Choose a candle and lets see what it says about your personality

Do you know that colors can explore something new about your personality of which you were unaware?
So choose any one of the following candles and discover something new about you.


When we talk about candles, people believe that black only symbolizes darkness or it’s an evil color but these facts are not actually true. This candle helps in burning the negativity from our surrounding. It also protects from illness and evil stuff. So do you still think that black is the color of negativity or will you change your mind now?


Ancient foresight believes that this color is somewhere connected to the third eye. Burning a purple candle enhance psychological powers. One can obtain spiritual protection by vanishing their negative effects of bad karma. So do you love this color?


These represent the highest level of sensibility/knowledge. It helps in attaining protection, purification, and healing. As the white color symbolizes peace, harmony, truth, unity etc. people who are burning these candles are invoking lunar energy.


They represent the primary spiritual color which is used for evaluating emotions and enlightens wisdom and enhance the power of sleep. Burning of this blue color candle brings happiness by promoting joy and laughter. Royal blue color indicates loyalty whereas light blue color represents meditation which amplifies their creativity and perception.


It is a color of wealth and prosperity. Light the color of this candle when you want to heal yourself in the lap of nature and wish for good luck and prosperity.

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The color yellow depicts brainpower or your intellectual power. The one who opts for this color candle is indirectly accumulating full benefits over their mind. It represents creativity, learning, concentration and reaction of an individual.


Red represents the color of love and passion. It signifies sensual pleasures also sneer and courage to face their enemies. It stimulates energy, fertility and personal power. The one who chooses this color directly attains love, respect, enhance magnetism and survival

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