Choose a candle and lets see what it reveals about you

Look these beautiful candles. Tell which one attracts you the most. Tell which one you like. Choose the one that annoys you the least. Hope you are done. Now let’s see what it reveals about you. This is the way to check what is inside you.

1 Black


Everyone thinks that black color is the color of evil, But this is not true. Actually, it represents your strength. It tells how much strength you have to cope with situations.

2 Purple

It tells about your energy. It represents that you are not sure of yourself. Well, this color can boost your energy and help to increase your energy field.

3 White

The White color is the symbol of purity and purpose. It reflects the lunar energy and hence it helps to vibrate your spirit. This color is very good for meditation purpose.

4 Blue

Blue is the color which tells you very good things. It tells about psychic abilities. It helps to control your mood swings and pumps you to the vibrational level of your space. It also creates an atmosphere so that when you are hurt you can recover easily.

5 Green

It represents peace in your life. When you are fed up with your life and you want peace this is the best candle. Actually, the green color is related to the heart chakra. The green color is also the color of nature and hence it represents calmness also.

6 Yellow

It is your learning curve. When you want to learn something quickly use this candle.It provides peace of mind, thinking, and communication.

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7 Red

Red is the most favorite color and it shows passion and courage in life. When you are seeking transition it is a great color, you should add it. It represents you are alive and are feeling very inspired.

So now you must have found out about yourself.



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