Choose An Eye And See What It Reveals About You

Anna M. Uhlich once said,”My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.” And, Henry David Thoreau has said,”The eye is the jewel of the body.” Eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyes can reveal a lot about your personality and your subconscious mind.

Choose an eye from the seven eyes given in the above picture and find out what it has to say about you.

1. The Spiritual


If you have chosen the #1 eye, then you have a thirst for spiritual life. You like to delve yourself into new ideas and adventures. You will achieve success in your life only when you let go of the past and invest all your efforts towards a bright future.

2. The Wise

#2 eye is for those who are very wise. You harbour an ocean of knowledge, and you love to spread your knowledge and wisdom with everyone.

3. The Healer


You are a healer if you have chosen the #3 eye. Your personality and aura heal people whenever they are in distress.

4. The Philosopher

If you have chosen the philosopher’s eye, then you have the ability to dig into big ideas and figure out the mind-bending questions. You need not worry if you find yourself lost while thinking about something. Follow your instincts and make your way through.

5. The Prankster

The #5 eye features a prankster’s eye. You like to know a lot of secrets from people around. Your mischief may add to your loveliness but, you have to be sure that you don’t hurt people’s feeling either.

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6. The old Soul


If you have chosen the #6 eye, then you are among the people who have gained a lot of experience from their past. You have experienced life more than any other person around you. You need to work hard to build confidence so that your shyness flee’s away.

7. The Owl

Your personality is just like an owl’s. You do not clamour about everything around people and only reveal what others want to know. You like to be calm and silently achieve your goals.