Some signs to know which of the strawberries are delicious

How to choose the right strawberry? Most of the people like strawberries. They are delicious and perfect for our body too. But choosing the right berries is a difficult task. You need to look at some things while picking the strawberries. So here are some of the signs which will help you in choosing the berries which are delicious.

1 Smell

choose the right strawberry


Good strawberries have a delicious smell, and you can find out which berry is tasty by smelling it. If it does not have a pleasant smell, then it will surely be not tasty. The aroma is the critical factor in deciding this, and your first step is to check the scent. Take a strawberry and smell it and if it feels good then definitely it is tasty if it does not then leave it.

2 Colour

How to choose the right strawberry?If you think the color of the strawberries should be dark red, then you are wrong. If you find these type of berries, you should never take it because dark red is due to the extra color which is added afterward. The actual color of the strawberries is bright red and a little glossy. If you see this color then only buy the berries. If the berries are less ripened, then the color of the strawberries will be light green. You are advised not to but that strawberries also. Because once strawberries are picked, then they do not get ripened afterward.

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3 Shape and size

How to choose the right strawberry?

As it is there is no such specific size for strawberries. Strawberries that are too big are watery. This means the water is filled in it hence the size of the strawberries is large. Next, comes the short one, Do not buy that too because they have already started to rot and therefore this is also not the right choice. You need to buy that strawberry which size is in between two. This is the perfect size for delicious strawberry.

4 Leaves

The leaf is one of the necessary parts of strawberry. It can also say like which strawberry is delicious which is not. For example, if there is a space between leaf and strawberry, then it will be tasty. You can buy that, but if there are no leaves, then this is not good. And if the leaves are yellow then also you should not buy that.

5 Seeds

How to choose the right strawberry?

Just like leaves seeds are also an essential part of strawberries. It is said the more distance between the seeds the tastier the berry is. So keep this point even in mind while buying the strawberries.