Comics That Depict What Is The Result Of Getting Too Much Comfortable In A Relationship

1 The key to a relationship

Artist Mary Park has depicted her relationships in her comics very well. She has posted many pics related to links on her Instagram. The key to a relationship is found your partner who is just as weird as you.

2 Not Admitting defeat

Well not admitting defeat can lead to fights. And your relationship can be destroyed. You should say when you need help from your partner. You both are in a link so you surely know how to adjust to a relationship. Sometimes you have to adapt and sometimes your partner needs to improve.

3 All you need is love

What we need in the relationship is love from our partner. Love is the essential thing in a relationship. All we want is attention from our partner. Whenever our partner is busy doing something else without us lets say boys usually started playing video games and forget about their girlfriends. This can irritate the other person. So you should see that activity in which you can give attention to her.

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