Common gestures that have different meaning across the world

Gestures are a very common sign of actions to represent oneself or to express their feelings. It may also be used to communicate especially with others during a critical situation. But apart from the benefits it provides, it has certain side effects. The biggest drawback is that the gestures which we use in our routine these gestures have different meanings across the geographical location. That means if we are at a different part of the world then that particular gesture may have some negative meaning in that part. So to avoid such an awkward situation here, we mentioned some of those gestures with their meaning in other parts of the world. Just have a look and remember these-

1) Thumbs up
In Afghanistan, Iran, and Thailand it is a gesture of insult.

2) Hands inside pocket
In a country like Korea, it is a symbol of disrespect and arrogance.


3) Smile revealing teeth
As we are aware of the fact that in Japan the people over there are quite strict and follow their culture very seriously, therefore, this type of smile is considered inappropriate and rude.

4) Fingers Crossed
In countries like the US and India, it is a sign of good luck whereas, in other parts such as Vietnam it represents the level of vulgar you wish to be.

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5) Pointing finger
Usually, it is used to provide attention to a specific thing, but in some countries like China, it is considered a mark of insult.

Gestures have different meanings across the world
6) Exchanging business cards
In Japan, it is a gesture of humbleness and showing interest. Therefore, the people over there follow a tradition of exchanging business cards to maintain professional relationships whereas, in other parts of the world it is considered useless.

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Gestures have different meanings across the world
7) Blowing nose in public
In the USA, blowing nose in public is very common whereas, in other reserved countries like Japan and China it is considered a private thing as bathing or loo.

Gestures have different meanings across the world
8) Showing hand
In any part of the world, this gesture is not acceptable especially when a person is having a conversation with you. It is marked as disrespect and insult.

Gestures have different meanings across the world
9) Chewing gums
In the cleanest country like Singapore, chewing gums is entirely banned to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene.

Gestures have different meanings across the world