Guess the uncommon names of these common things

Common things names you never knew-It might have happened with you at some point in time while you were having a good conversation with someone and suddenly they ask you the name of anything which uses in your day to day life and can recognize it by having a look but don’t know its name!! And between those perfect conversations suddenly you start stammering and try to remember what’s that stuff is known as? Here we have mentioned 15 common things along with their names so to keep yourself updated and prevent you from stammering.


1) Nose Pads
These are the common buds present in your specks which maintains a firm grip on your nose.


Common things names you never knew
2) Pull Loops
Have you ever noticed those tiny loops at the backside of your sports shoes? Yes, they are known as pull loops.

Common things names you never knew
3) Phloem Bundles
Those sticky threads like structures present, while you peel off a banana, is known as Phloem Bundles. I’m pretty sure that you were unaware of this.

Common things names you never knew
4) Punt
This sounds a little weird but these are concave like structures present at the bottom of glass bottles to balance them upright.

Common things names you never knew
5) Aglets
Ever tied your shoelaces? So you must have observed those plastic cover at the end of shoelaces. Yes, they are known as aglets.

Common things names you never knew
6) Drop Catcher
There you can observe whenever you order a fancy wine. Those white color base which comes along with them is known as Drop Catcher.

7) Ferrule
That metal cover that binds a small eraser at one end of the pencil is known as Ferrule.

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Common things names you never knew
8) Space Slaver Slots
The holes which are present in the binders are known as Space slaver slots. Can’t even imagine what they are meant for?

Common things names you never knew
9) Locker Loop
These are the additional loops that are present on the backside of your shirt. It is said that they represent one’s marriage status i.e. if they are present then the person is said to be a bachelor and vice versa.

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10) Bowl
We all must be using a spoon in our day to day life and had observed that concave structure but ever imagined what is known as? That concave structure is known as a Bowl.

11) Crown
It is the small round knob attached to a dial of your watch with the help of which one can adjust the time. That is known as the crown.

12) Teeth
The complete zipping set which comprises of a chain and a holder is known as teeth.

13) Claw and Face
The two sides of a hammer are known as claw and face. The side which is used to remove a nail is known as claw and the opposite side which is used to strike is known as a face.

14) Muselet
These are the wire-like thing attached to the cork of champagne which protects it from popping out due to inner pressure.

Common things names you never knew
15) Clutch
These are the little things that hold your earrings behind your ear are known as a clutch.

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