Creamy Relationship v/s Long-Duration Relationship

We all know that in a relationship the initial days are smooth and dreamy like a fairy tale but when that relationship lasts longer than with the increase in time the creamy layer sheds and the couple starts facing the real phase of life. A California based artist has best illustrated these different lovely phases of a love life within a couple. Artist Mary Park has done a brilliant job and the reason is that she understands the long-term relationships very well. The highlighting character in her artworks is named as Murrz which can be spotted with her partner depicting the routine life of a couple possessing a long tenure relationship. Just have a look at these marvellous artworks-

10) The beginning of a Relationship


9) Trying to be Independent Girlfriend

7) The pooping partners

6) Competing with each other

5) Poke it easy

4) Grabbing Attention

3) Shower time

2) A partner who is as weird as you

1) Taking revenge for farting

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