Say goodbye to stress with these deep breathing exercises

Say goodbye to stress with these breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises for stress relief-Topping the list of the evolution of technology and corresponding lifestyle disorders is the primary issue of stress. A study shows that the stress statistics in India have peaked by up to 50 percent of the total population. You might feel stressed out almost every day at your home, workplace or institution. Everyone has their reasons to be tensed and therefore the level of stress also varies.

How do you know you are stressed?

Anxiety and nervousness might have screwed up your examinations or play. They are just a drop in the big ocean of stress. If you feel continually tired, gasp for your breath, undergo bouts of a headache and elevated heart rate, then don’t ignore these signals. It might indicate that you have been stressed out over the long term. You tend to binge on all the salty foods, smoke or drink vigorously, or display some impulsive behavior. These psychological and physical changes affect your memory, lower your immunity, and make you absent-minded. Overall, long-term stress gives rise to adrenal fatigue.


How to ward off stress?

Most of the time, you might have thought of overcoming stress naturally. But, it is something that doesn’t lapse with time, instead increases. So, you have to tackle it in the right manner over a period. Yoga and meditation have along the ages proved a perfect stress buster. Hence, here are some deep breathing exercises that can help lower your stress. What’s more, they are quite simple, and you can efficiently practice them at home or with your colleagues at the office.

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# Morning Breathing

Yes, the morning breathing exercise is the first thing you should do after taking a good night’s sleep. You might have slept uneasily, tossed over, or had too much snoring. This wake-up exercise will help you stretch out and feel relaxed throughout your day.

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1. Stand straight with slightly bent knees. From your waist, flex your torso forward towards the floor with your hands limply pointing to the ground.

2. Breath in. Imagine yourself zipping from your midriff to your neck and straighten yourself slowly. The last to reach back at its original standing position should be your head.

3. Breath out gradually and bend down again while exhaling the air entirely as you do so. Stand up straight after you finish, and stretch out your muscles.

# Belly breathing with deep muscle relaxation

belly breathing with deep muscle relaxation

While the first one was your wake up priority, the intense muscle relaxation with belly breathing is a good go before bed. It helps relieve all the pain of the day, and relaxes your whole body, offering you a sound sleep.

You have to tense specific muscles of your body for about 5-10 seconds each. It won’t be causing you any pain or uneasiness, howbeit, preferably by the end relax you to the core. Concentrate more on those muscles which ache a lot.

This relaxation response will be supported by the belly breathing. So, make sure you attain a rhythm of your breath before moving ahead. Make yourself comfortable in a sitting position, and close your eyes, if need be.

1. Begin with your face. Purse your lips, and knit your brows together. Pull your facial muscles synchronously to approach your nose. Hold for about 15-20 seconds. Release slowly.

2. For about 5 seconds, clench your jaw, and then release. Allow the pressure to evade.

3. Next comes your neck and shoulder. Shrug your shoulders towards your ears. Remain in this position and pay attention to the tension to dissipate it. Rest for 15 seconds. Tilt your chin towards your chest. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds.

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4. Flex the muscles of your upper arm, and bring your forearm towards your shoulders. Stay put for 5 seconds. Imagine your stress melting away and relax slowly.

5. Squeeze your stomach muscles for 5 seconds, then release. Concentrate on your chest and repeat it. It works well for your abdomen.

6. Head on to your legs finally. Tense the muscles of your buttocks and thighs, and gradually recover. Stretch out your legs, keeping your toes pointed towards the ground and remain for 5 seconds.

The deep muscle relaxation with belly breathing exercises helps you mostly to redeem you from extreme fatigue and anxiety.


# Belly breathing

One of the most straightforward deep breathing exercises is belly breathing. So, if you are a beginner in breathing exercises, you can kick-start your stress-busting journey with this.

1. Make yourself comfortable in a sitting position or lie down.

2. Place your one hand at the center of your chest, and the other on your stomach, just below the ribcage.

3. Keep your chest stationary and inhale deeply with your nostrils, so that your stomach pushes out your second hand.

4. Purse your lips together as while whistling and exhale through them. Press out your breath by guiding your stomach inwards with your hand.

5. Repeat the above steps 3-10 times slowly.

# Roll breathing

Deep breathing exercises for stress relief

Make full use of your lung capacity with the relaxation technique of roll breathing. You can either lie down or sit comfortably, as it suits you. You can practice this exercise smartly during a break from work too.

1. Place your right hand over your chest, and left one on your stomach, as in the belly breathing method.

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2. Without moving your right hand, take a deep breath using your lower lungs through your nose. Breathe out with your mouth. This method is known as diaphragmatic breathing.

3. Repeat the above step about eight times. On your ninth go, fill your lower lungs during inhalation as above, and take a deep breath. It will fill your entire lung capacity, shifting your chest upwards as in normal breathing mode.

4. With a small whooshing sound, breathe out slowly through your mouth, emptying your lungs completely. Note that at this stage, your chest and stomach return to their initial position as both your hands move back inwards.

5. Perform the role breathing strategy for about 3-5 times. You will feel your stress-reducing with each exhalation.

# 4-7-8 Breathing

Deep breathing exercises for stress relief

The 4-7-8 breathing technique follows a unique numerical pattern, that is why the name. You will feel it unchallenging if you have mastered the belly breathing activity.

1. Take up your belly breathing position with your left hand over your stomach and the right one on your chest.

2. Take a deep and slow breath in 4 seconds, allowing your belly to move in.

3. For about 7 seconds, hold your breath.

4. Take 8 seconds to exhale your lungs out wholly in a silent way.

5. Repeat the above steps following the same pattern.

The best advantage of these deep breathing exercises is that you can practice it as many times as you want until you get the desired effect. You can try them out anywhere without any hesitation and bid adieu to your stress in a short while. You don’t have to feel awkward anymore to take a break from your monotonous routine and give time to yourself! You are important and your health matters a lot.