Dental startup Floss Bar

Dental startup floss bar-How cool would it be if there was a dentist who came for your service according to your convenience? Too good to be true? Well not anymore. Now we have Floss Bar, a startup that initiated in New York and now offers services like teeth cleaning and whitening along with dental X-rays, and all this can be arranged even from an office conference room. So far there is no need to wait in queues for a dental appointment anymore.

Dental startup Floss Bar

As of now, Floss Bar has expanded to Boston and Connecticut with plans to expand to California and Texas next year. For now, they have clients from WeWork, Lego corporation and General Electric with tons of other clients sure to engage soon.


The importance of a smile will never be out of place. So Floss Bar’s founder, Eva Sadej says, “Your smile is a key way to build trust. She added, “Imagine if you had a meeting and didn’t smile once. That business deal would not go through.”

One of their clients ConBody has a pleasant experience with Floss Bar too. ConBody is a fitness company that offers prison-like workout routines. As it is evident, most of their trainees are former prisoners. In such a case, Floss Bar has seemed to help these people a lot to have greater confidence in their second chance at life. What the CEO and Founder, Mr. Coss Marte said was, “I hire people coming out of prison, so a lot of people that come out have very little confidence. It gives them confidence, feeling clean and feeling a little bit more self-worth.”

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Dental startup Floss Bar

Avi Lichtenstein, who is the chief operating officer of real estate startup Rooms also had a lot to say about Floss Bar after receiving their teeth cleaning service at New York in a WeWork. He said,” The biggest pro was the flexibility to schedule without having to miss work, and that I was seen at the time of my appointment.” He added,” It made me feel comfortable getting my teeth cleaned even though I was at work–something I never thought I would experience.”

Mr. Jeremy Kegan, a professor at Columbia business school also said,” Nobody enjoys scheduling and then waiting at the dentist’s office or doctor’s office. This is much more simple to deal with.”

For Floss Bar, a customer without dental insurance has to pay $95 and $255 for cleaning and whitening respectively. In comparison to an appointment in a dentist’s clinic, Floss Bar says that it is much cheaper because as per them, dentist offices charge $200 and $450 for cleaning and whitening of teeth respectively.

Dental startup Floss Bar

When asked about the company’s future, the CEO and Founder of Floss Bar, Sadej said, “Our mission is access for everyone.” She added,” If you want to provide access, you have to respect people’s schedules. You have to move efficiently.”