Stepping Out For Your Hair Detox? Stay Back Home And DIY, Here’s How

Stepping out for your hair detox? Stay back home and DIY, here’s how

How to detox your hair? Does your hair need detoxification? Yes, they do. Here are some ways you can manage that. Don’t plan to hit at the salon for this treat. Sit back home and prepare your hair to detox masks.

Do you want a detox for your hair?

You might have heard of many techniques to get rid of all the dirt and toxins that build up regularly in your system and face too. However, have you ever felt the need for a detoxification day for your hair? If not, you should understand that your hair is equally important as your other body parts and requires much more attention than you could think. And why is it so? Aren’t your hair beautiful the way they are? Of course, it is. But, you can’t overlook the dose of dirt and grime that your hair holds, thanks to the city life, the sunshine, and your dear shampoos and conditioners!


Honestly, you don’t wish to be taunted for your dull and lifeless curls, right? A light-toned hair might even bring out the worse with yellowing.

Now, are you all ready to detoxify your hair too? Read below to find out how some kitchen items can come to your rescue.

A hair detox? What is it?

Detox your hair: Methods to stay natural, scalp care

Let us begin by understanding what a hair detox is and what happens when you detoxify your hair. Well, detox is something similar to remove all the poison from your hair. Someday you will realize that your hair calls for a fresh new beginning. It needs to keep clear of all the dirt stuck in your tips and roots, as well as the residues your shampoo and serum leave behind. Besides, if you don’t remove all these unwanted elements timely, then whatever amount of hair care treatment you provide will eventually turn out to be fruitless.

DIY hair detox recipes

Among the many, a selected few items considered to be the best to gift you with your shiny, smooth hair are discussed below.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Detox your hair: Methods to stay natural, scalp care

Found to be quite useful after shampooing with sulfate free natural products, the apple cider vinegar, fights out all the grime without affecting the essential oils in your hair. It is one of the most straightforward detox means.

Get Rid Of Dark Knuckles

Using apple cider vinegar detox once in two weeks or once a week to rinse your hair can bring over a mighty change.

What you need

• Apple cider vinegar – ¼ cup
• Water – 2 cups

How to proceed

• Add water to the apple cider vinegar portion to dilute it.
• Use your regular shampoo and conditioner, and rinse thoroughly.
• Wash off with your ACV mask. This should be your final rinse.

2. Baking soda

baking soda

Detoxifying your hair using baking soda will clear off dandruff from your hair. Further, it shields your hair from the settlement of residues of your oils, shampoo, and conditioners in your hair follicles and shafts. As an added treat, the deep cleansing action is taken care of by warm water in the mask, which lifts up the cuticles for better treatment.

According to your hair type, i.e., oily and dry, you can apply the baking soda mask once a week or once in two weeks.

What you need

• Baking soda – ½ cup
• Hot water – 3 cups

How to proceed

• Add warm water to baking soda and keep it undisturbed for some time.
• Wet your hair entirely under the shower.
• Apply the baking soda mix in your hair and give it a gentle massage.
• Rinse with water and condition your hair.
• You can also use raw honey as your conditioner.

3. Bentonite clay with aloe

Detox your hair: Methods to stay natural, scalp care

If you yearn for healthy hair, aloe is the best option. The antioxidant properties provide you with the perfect nourishment. Whereas, the strong negative electromagnetic charge of the bentonite clay eliminates the risk of toxins from your hair.

Once in two weeks if you wait on this mask, then it can do wonders for your hair. Avoid adding vinegar to the mix, if you wish to increase the dose of rinsing with this mask.

What you need

• Aloe Vera gel – ½ cup
• Apple cider vinegar – 4 tablespoons
• Bentonite clay – ½ cup

How to proceed

• Make a smooth paste out of the aloe vera gel, ACV and bentonite clay.
• You can apply it on your hair and scalp 20-30 minutes before washing it off. Also, keep it covered using your shower cap.
• Your mask should not dry up.
• Rinse your hair with 1 cup of ACV.
• Use your regular shampoo and conditioner after a gap of 2-3 minutes.

4. Cinnamon mask

cinnamon mask

The natural spice cinnamon contains antioxidant properties, which keeps your hair healthy and damage-free. Using it as your hair mask resists the grime and dirt which builds up in your shafts.

Use This Method If You Suffer From Hairfall

For best results, use the cinnamon detox once in a week.

What you need

• Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
• Cinnamon – ½ teaspoon
• Olive oil – 2 tablespoons

How to proceed

• Prepare a smooth mixture by combining cinnamon, baking soda and olive oil in the requisite quantity.
• Apply the mask on your hair evenly and massage your scalp thoroughly.
• Wash your hair after about 20 minutes.

5. Coconut milk shampoo

Cononut_milk shampoo

The homemade coconut shampoo has in-built proteins and antioxidants in high amount. Trying out this remedy instead of the artificial products can work wonders in your hair. It prevents the collection of grime with the addition of castile soap.

You can opt for this recipe as much as you prefer your regular shampooing and conditioning activity.

What you need

• Castile soap – 1/3 cup
• Coconut milk – ¼ cup
• Fragrance essential oil – 15-20 drops (optional)
• Vitamin E oil – 2 cups

How to proceed

• Make a mixture out of the ingredients and store it in an airtight bottle.
• Use this in place of your chemical shampoo after rinsing your hair and massage it over your scalp and locks.

6. Coconut milk and aloe shampoo

coconut milk and aloe shampoo

You can bid goodbye to the dirt and grime clinging on to your roots and tips with the aloe and coconut detox shampoo. Moreover, it helps maintain the pH of your scalps, thus saving it from further distress.

Applying this once a week can bring out best results.

What you need

• Aloe Vera gel – ¾ cup (pure)
• Coconut milk – 1 tin
• Essential oil (not mandatory)

How to proceed

• Make a smooth paste by whisking together all the components.
• Freeze the mixture in an ice cube tray. It will help preserve your mask.
• Whenever you want to wash your hair, take out one cube and refrigerate it a night before.
• Shampoo your hair the next morning after rinsing it thoroughly underwater.

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7. Cucumber plus lemon

cucumber plus lemon

Are you having trouble with your oily scalp? Use the lemon and cucumber mixture to fight it off. Not only does it ward off dandruff and grime, but it also acts as a perfect growth remedy for your hair. On the one hand, you get the cleansing action done by citric acid in lemon. While, on the other, cucumber soothes your scalps.

Employing this combo as often as your regular shampoo will prove to be great for clearing off the toxins and gaining those blondes.

What you need

• Cucumber – 1 medium-sized
• Lemon – 1 large-sized
• Essential oil (not mandatory)

Perfuming, fake or real?
How to proceed

• Peel off the skin of your cucumber and lemon.
• Cut them into small pieces, and blend it by adding a few drops of any essential oil.
• Replace your regular chemical shampoo with this natural mask during your hair wash.

8. Honey shampoo

honey shampoo

To get silky smooth hair, go for a honey shampoo and give a red signal to all your chemical products. A perfect humectant, honey, keep your hair moisturized all the while.

Whenever your hair seems dry and dirty, use the honey shampoo on it.

What you need

• Raw honey – 1 tablespoon
• Filtered water – 3 tablespoons
• Essential oil (not mandatory)

How to proceed

• Combine the syrup with water properly.
• Work the mixture from root to tip in your wet hair.
• Use lukewarm water or ACV to rinse it off

9. Sea salt shampoo

sea salt shampoo

If you wish to ditch the toxins in your hair, while at the same time, bid farewell to the dead cells of the skin, then a shampoo containing sea salt is the best help.

Using this sea salt clarifying shampoo once a month would be a good go for your hair.

What you need

• Sea salt (coarse) – 2 parts
• Shampoo – 1 part

How to proceed

• Prepare your sea salt clarifying shampoo by combining both the ingredients together in a 2:1 ratio.
• On your hair shower day, apply the mix on your hair thoroughly until you get a good lather.
• Using cold water, wash off the shampoo.

10. Shikakai


A mostly nourishing factor for your hair, shikakai, contains Vitamin K, E, D, C, and A. The saponins present in this substance acts as a natural cleaner for your scalps and hair.

You can use shikakai as often as you like on your hair.

What you need

• Shikakai powder – 2 tablespoons
• Water

How to proceed

• Make a smooth paste of Shikakai by adding enough water to it.
• Work the Shikakai mask on your wet hair.
• Give your scalp a gentle massage before spreading the mix to the tips.
• Use cold water to rinse the detox.

# Detox your hair with the right food

detox your hair with food

Do you know how vital the proteins and fluids for your hair is? Stick to your routine of staying hydrated and munching in the proteinaceous dishes. So, now it isn’t too late to begin your day with 2-4 glasses of water and an egg or two for breakfast. Don’t forget to consume your daily dose of minerals and vitamins.

You might have now known the significance of keeping your hair dirt and grime free. Therefore, give your hair the desired attention and indulge yourself in detoxification practices time and again. Well, have you started preparing your hair detox mask yet?