Know Which Type Of Jeans You Should Wear

Types of jeans for women-It becomes difficult when we have to choose one thing from so many, and it is the same in the case of jeans. Jeans are of so many types like loose, fit, regular, relaxed, high-waisted, low-waisted, etc. But you need not worry because we are here to tell you about every kind of jeans and you can easily opt that fits you.


Different types of jeans for women guide to picking the most flattering jeans

  • High-waisted

High-waisted jeans contain their waistline up to the navel, or sometimes it is higher than that. These jeans are not very tight, and a skinny fit. High-waisted jeans are not in trend these days; it was trendy in the 1980s and 1990s. These jeans you can wear with a shirt by tucking it inside or with a crop top. By wearing high-waisted jeans, your body appears long and do not expose your tummy. So that you can comfortably wear shorts and crop tops. These jeans are very comfortable to wear.

  • Original

These jeans are the same as the high-waisted jeans. Its rise is almost up to the navel, and you can pair them with the same kind of clothes like crop tops and short tops. You can wear original jeans with flannel shirts, pullovers, and sweaters in the spring season. In summers, wear it with crop tops, light blouses, classic white shirts, etc.

  • Regular or medium

Regular or medium jeans contain their waistline below the navel. You have to choose these jeans correctly, and it will be suitable for any body type. You can pair up your jeans with a classic jacket, bomber jacket, and a top.

  • Low

Low rise jeans make you look sexy because its waistline is too small and it exposes your belly. These jeans only look good on the girls with a flat tummy. These kinds of low waisted jeans pair with the short tops in the 2000s. Everyone knows that trends change with time. Nowadays people consider it a bad taste. Now people wear these jeans with shirts tucked inside and with loose sweaters.

  • Ultra-low
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Ultra-low waisted jeans are too low that it is above the pubis. These jeans recommend very slim girls who don’t have any belly fat. It can be paired with the tops which you want to wear with the low-rise jeans.


Different types of jeans for women guide to picking the most flattering jeans

  • Slim

Slim jeans are the most comfortable ones. These jeans are not to tight and not too loose. If you are going to work then also you can choose these jeans to wear. The incredible part of the slim fit jeans is that they don’t make a body shape. It is the most uncomfortable thing when our clothes start making our body shape. You can hide your body’s imperfections by wearing these jeans. Do not choose high-waisted jeans in this kind.

  • Skinny

Skinny jeans are also called the new classic because they are too thin and fit like one more layer of skin. You can pair it with the tops and shirts. You can also wear skinny jeans in the office with the shirts. Go for the regular rise, do not wear low-rise jeans. Skinny jeans with a low-rise do not suit everyone; it only looks good on slim and athletic girls.

  • Jeggings

Jeggings are the combination of regular jeans and leggings because it looks like jeans and fits like leggings. These are even tighter than skinny fit jeans. Jeggings introduced in 2010 in fashion shows and at that time girls were in love with jeggings and it becomes so trendy. Jeggings are more skinny than skinny fit jeans that is why you have to avoid the transparent jeggings, and you should take care that jeggings should look like jeans not leggings. You can wear the jeggings in the office and casual also. You have to pair up them carefully.

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Different types of jeans for women guide to picking the most flattering jeans

  • Regular

Regular jeans are available in every brand collection. These kinds of jeans fit every girl, and you can pair them with any top, jackets, sporty tops and sneakers. You can also wear high-heeled shoes with regular jeans. Regular jeans never go out of trend, they are always trendy, and you can buy them at any time and in any season.

  • Relaxed

Relaxed jeans are the same as regular jeans. You can differentiate them only from the difference between their waistline. Comfortable jeans have a low rise than regular jeans. Relaxed jeans will not look good if you wear them in your office. It gives a casual look and will be better if you wear them casually. Pair up your jeans with any top, shirt, jackets, etc.

  • Loose

Girls on regular days do not wear baggy jeans; they prefer to wear regular and relaxed jeans. Rappers and other street singers generally wear loose jeans and other clothes. Loose jeans can only be pair up with oversized garments like sweaters, t-shirts, etc. The collection of baggy jeans is readily available in every brand. Sneakers make your casual look funkier if you combine them with jeans. Relaxed jeans and loose jeans can be found in the same collection because they both do not contain separate sections.

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  • Boyfriend

We all think that these kinds of loose jeans are meant for boys, not for girls. But the collection of boyfriend jeans intended for girls. These jeans are less preferable for girls because they are too lose and girls love tight clothes. These jeans don’t suit everyone’s body because of its shape. Boyfriend jeans are very casual so that you cannot wear them in the office and for any formal meetings. It will be a good choice if you choose them for casual wear.

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CutDifferent types of jeans for women guide to picking the most flattering jeans

  • Tapered or Tailored

You can see in the above picture that the jeans wore by the model is of regular fit and its cut is tapered. It means jeans are getting narrower from knees to bottom. These kinds of jeans are preferable by girls because it gives excellent shape to legs. You can pair up these jeans with sneakers and other shoes.

  • Straight

These jeans fit the same from top to the end. It means that unlike the tapered jeans, straight jeans contains the same fit from knees to the bottom of the leg. These jeans do not give shape to your thighs and shins. It will make the right combination with any tops and shoes.

  • Boot

These jeans are not so much in trend nowadays. Boot cut jeans are mostly in trend in the 1960s, and you can easily recognize them because these jeans are loose from the knees to bottom.