Divorce- Perfect sketch illustration



Divorce, a word which almost every one of us avoids until and unless it becomes necessary in some adverse conditions. But most of us never think of the negative side effects which the family of those two people will have to face after their crucial step. People believe that the pain and these negative impacts can be observed only by those who undergo divorce. But this stereotype has been broken an artist named Mac who have beautifully portrayed the effects of this painful step and how it affects the human relationships through his artistic work.

The Complete Family
It can be seen that the most adverse effect of divorce impacts the mental and behavioural state of children.

Initiating Reason
When the love and the shared bond starts to fade away and one of the partners is involved in the extramarital affair.
It starts affecting the first child when one of the partners moves out the child start suffering.

The Downfall
The bond between the family and the parent and the child starts breaking off.

When the other half can’t manage alone
Due to this, the burden is over the single parent which the mother can’t handle alone.

The other half finds her soul mate
When the burden is too heavy and the single parent is completely broken she too finds someone other. This tears the family into pieces.

What happens to the children?
This is the most painful representation which shows the disturbed state of the children when both of their parents are separated and settled with another partner.

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