Easy Do It Yourself Hairstyles

We like experimenting with new things with ourselves and we do make changes. After all, life is all about making a change. We get bored of our usual everyday lifestyle and we do need a change. Hairs are something we love experimenting with. We try new haircuts, coloring them and whatnot. But, what about if you don’t have to go to the salon! Yes! It is, you can make yourself look different without going to the parlor; as in this busy lifestyle, we don’t get enough time. Don’t you worry pal, we got the solution for you. For an everyday new look and also if you love experimenting with your hair, you must try different hairstyles. This is the extreme requirement; one must know simple tricks on DIY hairstyles.

We got 10+ hairstyles that will surely help you change your look and will be ready in just 5 minutes. One of the best you could ever do in this hectic lifestyle! These lovely hairstyles are elegant and simple and don’t take much time also. You will love them and they will complement your everyday look and you’ll be having a new hairstyle to do daily.

All these hairstyles that we are going to discuss are simple and don’t take much time and won’t do any damage. Even on the busiest days, it will make you feel new and fresh.


If the length of your hair is short, you can simply try these to make it look voluminous. But the medium length and long length have to diversify their options. All beautiful hairstyles don’t take much time and you can do them by yourself. Every woman has a different length and all would follow different types of hairstyles. We are sharing with you some of the best hairstyles that we have shortlisted for you. So, have a look:

  1. Braid Long hair into a low ponytail

  2. Simple & Easy DIY Hairstyles
  1. Tuck shoulder-length hair into a headband

  2. What about adding a few curls to short hair?

Simple & Easy DIY Hairstyles

4. Side braid into a low side bun

4. Thread together three ponytails

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Simple & Easy DIY Hairstyles

5.  Braid one side and pull it into a teased ponytail

Simple & Easy DIY Hairstyles

6. Crow braid wet hair and then roll up into a bun

Simple & Easy DIY Hairstyles

7. Pin your hair on one side and curl the other side


8. Accessorize your hair with the bandana

Simple & Easy DIY Hairstyles

9. Pin one side

10. Separate hair into four sections roll it and then pin it up

11. Make two braids and pin them back

12. Try half up and half down

13. A five-minute twist

14. Throw your headband and push it a little past you are hairline.

15. Pull hair into a curly top knot

16. Pulled back look with hair slides

17. Rock a headscarf

18. Perfect curly ponytail

19. Make a slicked, deep side part ponytail

20. Super braided headband

I hope these beautiful hairstyles make you feel new. You must experiment with these 5-minute hairstyles for any occasion. Spice up your official life and daily routine by practicing these new hairstyles.

Happy styling!