No matter how safe we feel in the home we are in right now, we should be prepared for any dangerous encounters.

We have suggestions that have been referred from United Nations Experts and Red Cross that you should definitely be aware of.




  • Hiding in the doorway is wrong as it can fall right onto your mane.
  • Running outdoor if you are higher on the first floor. Elevators and even stairs can be too dangerous during quakes.

  • Move close to the exterior wall, as soon as you sense some shaking. You will be found rather quickly if the building collapses.
  • Watch out for the appliances around you, there should not be any lightings or cabinets nearby you.
  • Lay down close to the floor, besides a couch preferably but not under it. If the ceiling falls, you will have clear space around you as it will hit the bed or couch first.
  • Curl up and cover your head.


This could be pretty controversial as one danger is when random objects start falling over you during the shakes. If the earthquake is not of a higher magnitude, not enough to bring your building down, you can choose to hide under the table.

In severe earthquakes, ceilings tend to fall off, crushing tables and all that is beneath it.

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Earthquake safety tips: Ways to keep yourself safe during an earthquake

You would hardly have 20 seconds to save yourself after you feel the first tremor. It can be utilized from climbing away from the building.

You should not do this, however, if-

You are beyond the 1st floor.

If the exit is too crowded.

If you take longer than 10 seconds to sneak out, it is more dangerous to vacate the area.

You might need some time to analyze the teh situation, but an earthquake shall provide you with no time.

Go to the emptiest space you find, wherein no buildings or wires collapse over you. If you are on the stairs, leave the space quickly.