Massage Your Back With These Exercises

Exercises to massage your back-Are you stuck with your monotonous 9 to 5 shifts or unfortunately even longer? Hold on, your work could be relaxing, but your back is not. You don’t want to live your life with a hunch and a hump, right? If you’re missing out on your spa schedules or any such weekend activities, you need not stress yourself too much over that. It is because now you can quickly feel refreshed and relaxed in the same way you do in your Thai massages. And, how is this possible? Well, even the word impossible says ‘I am Possible’, so who can stop you? Your desk and chair at your office is not only for the comfort of your job but can help you with some pretty good exercises too.

Truly, this is the DIY era. There is nothing you can’t do it yourself. So read along to figure out what poses you can make while simply sitting on your chair.

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#1 Side Bend

Exercises to massage your back

The easiest of all the exercises, the side bends stretches out your muscles and chest, while simultaneously boosting your blood circulation. You can achieve the act by following the steps below.

• Keep your spine straight and sit back comfortably in your chair. Do not lean forward or backward.

• Relax your shoulders and rest one hand on the arm of your chair.

• Extend your free arm and point it directly above. Slowly and gradually, tilt it down to parallel it with your first hand.

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• Stretch out your muscles in the oblique as you do so.

• Repeat the process with each hand ten times.

#2 Chair Twist

Exercises to massage your back

If you are having trouble in your guts, then the chair twist is the apt pose for you. It enhances your digestion, alongside working wonders for your lower back. Heal your pain with this simple activity.

• Plant your feet firmly on the ground and sit sideways on your chair keeping your back straight.

• Take a deep breath as you completely straighten your back. Now breathe out and face the back of your chair by twisting your upper body.

• Without rounding your shoulders, hold your chair from the top using both hands for 30 seconds.

• Breath deeply five times, before you switch over to the next side.

• Do this cycle three times from both your right and left positions.

#3 Chair Pigeon

Exercises to massage your back

When you feel your lower back and glute muscles to be overstrained, change your seating to a pigeon pose. Your tired and swelled up feet will also relax with this exercise.

• Sit comfortably in your chair and keep your back straight without leaning on your chair.

• Slowly lift up one foot and place it over the other knee.

• Keeping your spine straight, allow your tummy to touch your hips by bending yourself forward.

• Remain in the above position for about half a minute, while breathing deeply five times.

• Repeat with each leg three times.

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#4 Cat-Cow

Exercises to massage your back

Cat cow is another exercise to help you get rid of your lower back pain. Further, it also helps rectify your lumbar vertebrae’s posture.

• Keep your spine straight and seat yourself on the edge of your chair with your arms resting on your knees.

• Inhale and push back your shoulders so that your chest gets stretched. Without lifting your shoulders, allow the blades of your shoulders to meet.

• While breathing out, curl your spine and move your shoulders forward. At the same time, lower down your neck so that it draws near your chest.

• Repeat the above steps eight times.

#5 Butterfly Wings

butterfly wings

If you always hang your head down and walk, it is time that you leave behind that habit and straightens up. It could have left you with neck pain and injuries. To overcome all these worries and correct your back and neck postures, try this butterfly act. Moreover, it improves your blood flow as an added treat to the toast.

• Position your feet on the ground to align it with your shoulders.

• Keep your back straight and sit at the edge of your chair.

• Bend your elbows and reach your hands to the posterior side of your head. Push back your elbows as far as possible.

• Inhale deeply and push your chest forwards, while stretching out your arms to spread it like the wings of a butterfly.

• Bend your upper back while breathing out to attain your starting position.

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• Repeat the process five times, and stop when you feel the pain.

#6 Pawanmuktasana


The above exercises can be easily practiced in the comfort of your office chair. On the other hand, this yoga pose asks you to lie down peacefully. Hence, it can be done on your return from your 9-7 shift.

Not only will it unbend the muscles of your buttocks but will thoroughly relax your back to the core.

• Lie down comfortably on your back over a mat.

• Lift up one of your legs and bend your knees to bring it closer to your chest.

• Extend and point your other leg entirely on the floor itself.

• Hold this pose for 30 seconds before switching over to the other leg.

• When you bring one knee up to your chin, remember to stretch out your other leg to its maximum. You will feel the change.

Now, who’s stopping you from having a gentle massage after a tiring day? Go ahead, and level up your spine while busting your stress.