Different shape of eyes revealing about your personality

What does your eye shape say about your personality?

What does your eye shape say about your personality? Yes, you heard it right! Your beautiful eyes can reveal much about your personality. Not just their shape but the distance between them can also help in the same along with the shape. Now you must be wondering how is it possible? So as you are aware that eyes can be of different shapes and sizes and different people have a different distance between their eyes. Each of them has a significant meaning which tells a lot about you. Just have a look-

What does your eye shape say about your personality?
Large Eyes- If you have large eyes then this means that you are passionate and consist of a creative personality. You are very sensitive and that’s why behave less practical. You can trust anyone easily so you can get hurt and cheated easily.
Small Eyes- You are much more practical and takes decision logically as compared to large eyes person. Due to this capability, you are a great advisor too! You have a high observing power due to which you can observe even the small details.

Almond-shaped eyes- If you possess such kind of eyes then you have a certain mystique and exotic flair. You have the ability to remain calm in any kind of situation. You are adventurous and love taking the risk. You are fun-loving and have a well-balanced life.
Round-eyes- You possess great imaginative power and are very creative. You make your decisions based on your emotions. Due to your idealistic nature, you are pictured as impractical and rude by society. You are very much attractive which also attracts people easily towards you.

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Close-Set- People with close-set eyes are the one who generally follows traditions and have a keen interest in cultures and history. You’re past and kind of upbringing matters a lot to you. You like to observe structure, discipline and every small detail. You also possess great resistant nature which creates difficulty for others to accompany you.
Wide-set- You are spontaneous, innovative, and fearless. A kind of introvert too. You hate routines and inflexibility and often wander aimlessly in search of some adventure.
Normal- You have a well-balanced life.

Prominent eyes seem to be like as they bulge out, and protrude from the eye socket whereas deep-set eyes have a more sunken appearance.
Prominent- They possess great sensitivity and friendly nature but get anxious frequently. They love to be accompanied by close friends and family.
Deep-Set- They have a mysterious and brooding personality due to which they look intense and introvert. They are considered to be very romantic.

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Upward-slant- These eyes are also known as cat eyes. This denotes that you are very ambitious in nature. You are goal-oriented and open-minded. You search for opportunities wherever you go, and love to keep getting ahead in life. Others might find you selfish and self-centered but the reality is far more different.
Downward-slant- You are timid and quite dependent on nature. You also love to be accompanied by your loved ones. You are caring in nature and cares a lot for others.

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