14 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Pyramids

1. A-List Of Unanswered Questions

14 Facts About Pyramids You Did Not Know

There are some facts about pyramids don’t know, many of our w=questions are still looking for answers, but there is no clue. Archaeologists and scientists have put in many efforts to find answers to these questions but got nothing. Everybody wonders how did the Egyptians make pyramids without any advanced technology? How is it possible to build such a seamless creature without any help of technology?


2. Magic or Technology?

14 Facts About Pyramids You Did Not Know

Were the Egyptians magicians? Because only magic can help you in constructing these structures. But magic is the silly way to think of. Was there any ancient technology we don’t know about yet? Any old technology that helped in constructing pyramids did anything like that existed?

3. The ‘Wonder of the World’

14 Facts About Pyramids You Did Not Know

This “Wonder of the World” is known as the largest pyramid in the world. Archaeologists after doing all the research suggested that might be 20,000 workers worked to create this structure. The whole structure is made with about million blocks, and these workers used to move 2.3 Million blocks weighing 2.5 tons to 15 tons each. Tough job!

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4. Every Two And A Half Minutes

14 Facts About Pyramids You Did Not Know

The task given to the workers was very tough and daunting. Archaeologists further told that they used wooden ramps to move big and heavy blocks. Researchers took long to find some answers but they calculated the approximate time it took to set a stone block, and the workers took just 2 and a half minutes to do it.

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5. Puzzling Shafts

14 Facts About Pyramids You Did Not Know

The shafts are a perplexing matter for scientists. This is the only pyramid having the shafts in its structure. It is said that the shafts don’t function practically but they are aligned perfectly with the celestial bodies.

6. The Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Giza has “the most intricate tunneling system the world has seen.”  It sounds strange because the civilization back then had no lifters and trucks to help and move the blocks. Pyramid of Giza has secret chambers, passages and also the maze of hallways that gets everybody awestruck.

7. Eight Perfect Sides

Egyptians had an advanced technology that makes every one of us wonder how they did that. Other than the tunnels and secret chambers, the Pyramid of Giza holds eight sides of precision.  It looks like that the pyramid has perfect four slides but when you go closer you will notice the change in its degree and the way stone is held in place.

8. Were The Egyptians Geniuses?

ca. 1361-1352 B.C. — Wall Painting of Tutankhamun Accompanied by Anubis and Nephthys — Image by © Gianni Dagli Orti/CORBIS

People are left wondering that without any engineers and advanced technology, the Egyptians still constructed the maze and that too on their own!  Were they geniuses or had a technology that vanished?

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9. The North-South

The accuracy and alignment of the pyramids are such that has impressed most of the archaeologists and researchers. The Great Pyramid is 0.15 degrees of the true north-south. But the here arises is that how did the people do that? Do they had all the tools and how were they so capable of doing it? Such accuracy without any tools is impossible.

10. Mind-Boggling Facts

Another mind-boggling fact? The 500,000 tons of mortar of unknown origin. Researchers and archaeologists have been scratching their heads finding the answers that how can the Egyptians be so accurate in designing the structure and constructing it, and suddenly another fact drops. Scratching brains will not be enough!

11. From Where Did You Get That?

Mortar is used to glue the stone blocks together. Scientists and researchers identified that how the mortar formed but was unable to track its existence. The mortar was made from gypsum.  This material has even “outlasted” some of the stones.

12. Just A Door, No Big Deal

The 20-ton door is a puzzle in itself too. The door is invisible to the unknown eye; it is made in such a manner. The designs and precise engineering is incredible.

13. Khufu’s Coffin

Khufu’s coffin and his red granite sarcophagus which is enormous is something we cannot forget to think of while talking about pyramids. The tomb weighs 3.75 tons. It is also said that the pyramid was constructed around this piece of granite by the Egyptians.

14. Heating System

A study conducted in 2015 showed that the Great Pyramid “generates three unexplainable sources of heat.”

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