Find Out How Your Personality Lies In The Shape Of The Fist You Make. |

Find Out How Your Personality Lies In The Shape Of The Fist You Make.

Make a fist.

Now check which one of the following illustrations does it resemble, 1, 2 or 3?


Do you think that the shape of the fist you make can tell about your personality? Well, it can.

A lot of things in our life happen unconsciously. You may not know it, but, when you make a fist, it reveals your overall personality, your strengths and weaknesses and how you treat people at home and work.

Check out what each shape has hidden in them below.


1. The Popular Perfectionist



If this is the shape of your fist, then you are a great improviser, a great planner and handling many goals at a time is your forte. Your fist is of a thinker’s, with your thumb ready to rub your index finger in all your planning.

You always have a plan ready as your creativeness and resourcefulness makes you think on your feet. However, that’s not the end, you are well adept at improvising, adapting quickly to unexpected situations. You believe in being an all-rounder personality. You are at your best among family, at work or school. You maintain your romance and friendship correctly. Your inner thoughts never lead you to failures.

You like to do things in your ways, testing different situations until you find the best. You are very empathetic and care deeply about your family, friends and acquaintances.

However, you need to be cautious. Handling lot of goals at a time can leave you overwhelmed. You may, for example, you may risk getting involved in situations which will exhaust you. Help yourelf first and then only help others. Don’t get impatient if your plan falls apart. Just keep up with your ability to improvise and adapt to stressful situations.

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Just keep it in your mind that it is better to tackle one small task at a time than to get tangled in a lot of challenges all at once. It’s okay to fail once in a while. It is the failures that make us stronger and experienced.

2. The Sensible Specialist



You are the ”engine” of your friend circle. You are the one who makes things happen. With your thumb resting tight against your fingers with full determination, your fist shows that you have got the empowering symbol of action.

You are focused and motivated. Your perseverance makes you a natural hard-worker and an apt leader when there is a need. You will make sure that you achieve what you want but, you are very patient as well. You are very honest and open. You do not let jealousy creep into your mind. You have a sense of optimism with the reality which is a remarkable trait.

You do not opt for a lot of goals at a time. You like to work on things as efficiently as possible. This is why you become a great leader in a team. However, you are not very comfortable with abrupt changes or during a tumult. You can be very dismissive of people whom you think won’t bring charm in your circle.

Your biggest weakness is your single-mindedness which doesn’t let you explore more. You are better an perfecting one or two things at a time. However, life is full of a multitude of situations. You find it challenging to balance life and work simultaneously.

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Advice for you: Get out of your comfort zone and explore the vastness of the world. Try to befriend people based on human value and have fun with them. You will be happier that way.

3. The Introspective Intellectual


”You are an out-of-the-box thinker”, is what you often hear from people. This is true as you have got impressive knowledge and experience at hand. Your fist perfectly captures your personality: Logical and unbiased with a tinge of introversion. Your thumb is indispensable, but your fingers are not.

You mostly win your arguments because you are wise, insightful and have the right amount of details at your dispense. This does not, however, make you unwelcoming towards different opinions, you always welcome criticism. You are a real inventor. You find peace in trivial things and a keeper of neat things. You are focussed on self-improvement through learning and meditation. Your opinions are strong and your conclusions very analytic making you ‘the envy’ of others.

You are a good listener and give the best advice to your friends and family.

Your weakness? Being a truth and detail seeker, you find it hard to negotiate with a single career. Your introversion may sometimes make you mask your real personality in public for fear of rejection. You may often fall to self-doubt, making people disapprove of you rather than supporting you.

Take your time, use your analytic skills to settle down on one definite goal for your life. This will give you some direction. Also, you need not mask your self while sensing rejection. Be yourself in public even if this makes you lose some friends. But remember real friends love your real nature and will always stay.

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